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Eddie Betts is god – the story of the Carlton Blues 2012 Premiership season

28 Apr

So Eddie will crack 150 games this weekend against Greater Western Sydney Giants.
Eddie’s great!

A true champ of the club, does his job of doing spectacular goals most weeks! Keep it up Bettsy!

Carlton Blues Round #5 – Michael Jamison (Number #40)

26 Apr

Michael Jamison is a gun … I’m glad he’s back.

This week we’ll be taking on Freo at Paterson’s stadium … which is reputedly very large for an oval … we need to spread well and run our guts out.

You can go back to the main Carlton page or you can look at the other pics in the series so far (there’ll be one every week) – Mitch Robinson, Brett RattenKade Simpson and Andrew Carrazzo. (I had started drawing Yarran for this week as it would’ve been his 50th … but since he buggered up his toe then I’ll pull back on doing that one).

Next week – Eddie Betts cracks 150 GAMES!!! (And Shaun Hammer cracks half a ton … but I only get one picture a week … that’s the deal!)

Easter trip to the West of Tassie

19 Apr

Went on a trip to Queenstown and Strahan at Easter with a few friends and … well … I’ll let the comic tell the story, page 2 never got finished … and probably never will –

For other comics of mine go here!

Pages 76-83

18 Apr

SO – for those of you coming in late – this is my graphic novel, the pages are being posted up here slowly, as I complete the inking of each page. In good news – I have only about 20 or so pages until its completed … YAY!! Lately I’ve been a little distracted from this project due to another comics-related project Sleuth … but I’m still hopeful that I can do them both at the same time and have this done by about July of this year (2012)

If you want to read from the beginning of the Long Weekend then go here – First chapter – FRIDAY
Previous pages in this chapter (Saturday) – 73-75

Next pages 84-88.

The first page here was inspired in part by my beautiful partner Nadine Kessler and her explorations into type and old signage. It occurs to me that the personality of a town is expressed through the many layers of signage that it has gathered. You can get a wonderful snap-shot of a place through its signs. People from the place don’t even notice them after a while, but would know exactly (intuitively?) what the sign relates to.

The rest of the pages here are extremely abstracted versions of the idea that tools slowly form our world-view and our understanding, an interesting thought (says he as he types away on the computer … a machine that is slowly typing away at him).

Adapting this section was difficult to say the least, it was a far wordier part of the essay than I felt would work in comic-form … so I completely edited it, and left it in almost silence … which I felt would work much better after the noise and bluster at the end of the previous section where Craig is in the hospital with the young psychotic Aboriginal girl. The large part of Saturday is very conceptual and I also enjoyed the silent sections so much that I thought I’d put more of them in, to build up the contemplative tone that I had hoped to have throughout the entire piece. Actually … having placed these pages up here and read it again in this different context … I can see that its quite flawed still … I’ll have to think about this section a little more … hmmm works in progress are interesting.

Round #4 – Number 44 Andrew Carrazzo

17 Apr

Well here’s an absolute gun! Also – he’s a good Italian boy, which is good for the olds. So far this year – he has shut down Pendlebury (Pies, last week, for which he got best on ground and a medal), Simon Black from Brisbane and completely shut down Trent Cotchin (Tigers) after the first quarter in the first game. This week I can only assume he’s gunna shut down Jobe Watson or someone of his ilk as Carlton take on Essendon at the MCG!!

Carn’ the Blues!
… well the Dons got us on this one … and Carazzo looked good for the first two minutes before he went down with a broken shoulder … dammit!! Hopefully he’s up and about in a few weeks. I’ll update the pic with the scores and other bits and bobs in the next week … Not sure who next week’s player is – if Yarran plays – it’ll be his 50th I believe … but he buggerised his toe in the messy game against the Bombers.

Other pics in the series so far (there’ll be one every week) – Mitch Robinson, Brett Ratten and Kade Simpson

Seth – its a great life if you don’t weaken

11 Apr

I just finished reading this gem.

The last 5 pages make the book a really magical experience … which is something I’d forgotten books can do. 

I shall be discussing this one at the next Hobart Graphic Novel Book group on Sunday the 22nd at Zum in Salamanca at 2pm for those who wish to come down and drink coffe and chat about it.

Round #3 – Blues #6 Kade Simpson

11 Apr

This guy is definitely under-rated! I think he’s one of the finest in our team for guts!! They call him the Inspirator!
He’ll be one of our generals on the ground for the Richard Pratt cup against the Collingwood Magpies at the MCG this Friday!!

Kade will crack 150 CONSECUTIVE GAMES in round #6 of this season if all goes well!!! The longest of any current player (the next being Brett Deledio at 96 after this weekend).
The same week that Jeff Garlett will have cracked 50 consecutive games of genius!

It’s occurred to me that it might be a cool idea to collate all of these drawings at the end of the season when we have the flag and make a little zine and send it to the boys in blue!!

Some others drawn so far are – Mitch Robinson in round #1 and coach Brett Ratten in Round #2

BRETT RATTEN – Round #2 of the Carlton 2012 Premiership season

5 Apr

Ratts has been our coach since the days of Dennis Pagan … and he’s just passed evens on his win-loss ratio … and it looks like he’ll starting to give the Blue-baggers something to be cheering about. 255 games played, 100 games coached – well done indeed to Brett Ratten.


For more pictures of the 2012 AFL premiers – check here.
And check back every week of the season for another of the mighty navy Blues!!!

Pages 73-75

5 Apr

First chapter – FRIDAY
Previous pages in Saturday – 69-72

Next pages

I showed these pages to Craig once a while back and he paused and muttered “hmm, the poor thing”. I thought that I needed a page where his face said those words, so I chucked the third page in here to finish it up nicely. Aaah, mental health wards … what happy places.
I have nothing more to say about them.

I’m glad that I have a new concurrent project that involves me drawing the Carlton Blues players, every week that they play this season I shall stick up a new illustration on this site … it’ll be a relief to do something more light whilst I toil away at The Long Weekend and Sleuth.

#12 Mitch Robinson

2 Apr

First game of the season … first scalp – the Richmond Tigers
… here he is in his 50th game for the AFL and for the Carlton Footy Club

And he’s Tasmanian to boot!!

For other pics in this series (there’ll be one for every week of footy) go to the CARLTON BLUES 2012 PAGE