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26 Jul

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You can preorder a copy of the book (to be printed early 2013) in September! For more details – go to this facebook site or check back here form September to December.

On these pages here I broke from the panels completely – It was an exceptionally wordy part … but I kind of liked the conversation in the essay and didn’t want to scrap that chatting aspect to the writing.  In fact – in my mind I had a second name for the third chapter – The Conversation. Most of what’s written here is probably known in Australia and isn’t really ground-breaking stuff – the bit that quite dig is the last bit on the last page which implies that what is happening to Indigenous people is a process that is affecting us all … which is something I feel keenly in this country – the trauma of colonisation is something felt by everyone, whether they are aware of it or not.

Next month I will commence a massive funding campaign to see if we can together organise enough pledges to get a good print-run off the ground!!

Bluebagger – Round #18 – Dennis Armfield

26 Jul

Carn’ the Blues – we play Richmond Tigers this Round!!!
Other pics in the series can be found here.


25 Jul

Schwarzwaldallee is a gallery in Basel that Drive West Today will be playing at next Thursday the 2nd!!!

Poster Designed by Nadine Kessler

Kim Kerze

24 Jul

This is a drawing I did of Kim Kerze while he played with Nigel Farley and Tim Panaretos at a house gig in Hobart on Sunday the 22nd of July, 2012. He also used electronics and other interesting toys on the banjo which created some phenomenally beautiful sounds. Gorgeous gig!

Hobart improv bassist – Nigel Farley

24 Jul

Another drawing I did from the house concert on Sunday the 22nd of July (see Tim’s picture here)

Hobart Improv artist Tim Panaretos

24 Jul

This is from my sketchbook at the beautiful house concert in Hobart on Sunday the 22nd of July.
Tim played bouzouki with Nigel Varley (contrabass) and Kim Kerze (banjo and electronics) – it was exquisite!


23 Jul

What is a good death?
Did you think that when they jumped on your chest and brought you back to life that it’d all work out well?

This is a project that I have recently begun with a group consisting of Ian Paulin, Bruce Wilson, Sara Wright, Nadine Kessler.

It is something of an ongoing art project with its first incarnation being performed / installed at the MoMa (MONA Market) in April 2012.

It began with Bruce and Ian meeting up with Sara to enquire how joining forces with the arts might assist their project for healthy dying – a health promotion project that looks at raising awareness around the idea of advanced care directives in health in Tasmania. Tasmania lacks legislation that would give such documents legality which has the effect of clogging up the health system, as well as people being unneccesarily subjected to CPR and other life-saving methods against their wishes unless in a “not for resuscitation” situation.

The project’s aim is to increase discussion around this to help bring about more awareness in people about end-of-life issues.

Sara invited both myself and Nadine Kessler, local artist and graphic designer, to join in the project to give it some shape and form.

Here’s some of the photos from the Market stall on Nadine’s website.


20 Jul

Tour annoucement

Download the free album from this link

Bluebagger Heroes 2012 – Sam Rowe

19 Jul

Sam Rowe in on the Blues’ list, he’s a mature aged rookie, this was to be his first year. Most Carlton fans were looking forward to an exciting prospect up forward for the Blues – a key position player that we so badly need. But when Sam got diagnosed with testicular cancer I reckon that put life into a stark contrast. I watched Sam’s interview on the tv during the second game against Collingwood (where we beat them yet again) when they were raising awareness for the Peter MacAllum institute for cancer research – he’s a brave bloke.

Life can throw you some curly ones – So I drew this in his honour.

A cathartic post

18 Jul