Round #3 – Blues #6 Kade Simpson

11 Apr

This guy is definitely under-rated! I think he’s one of the finest in our team for guts!! They call him the Inspirator!
He’ll be one of our generals on the ground for the Richard Pratt cup against the Collingwood Magpies at the MCG this Friday!!

Kade will crack 150 CONSECUTIVE GAMES in round #6 of this season if all goes well!!! The longest of any current player (the next being Brett Deledio at 96 after this weekend).
The same week that Jeff Garlett will have cracked 50 consecutive games of genius!

It’s occurred to me that it might be a cool idea to collate all of these drawings at the end of the season when we have the flag and make a little zine and send it to the boys in blue!!

Some others drawn so far are – Mitch Robinson in round #1 and coach Brett Ratten in Round #2

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