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Aussie roolz

30 Aug


‘The Long Weekend In Alice Springs’

23 Aug

A fine review of the Long Weekend

The Webworld of Charlie Ward

A book review, for something different:
Image of The Long Weekend in Alice Springs

Craig San Roque’s Long Weekend In Alice Springs

Adapted and drawn by Joshua Santospirito. San Kessto Publications, 152pp, $35.

Alone on a clear winter’s night in 2008, I lugged my swag up a dry creekbed a couple of kilometres north of Alice Springs and slipped into unconsciousness. Later, from the inchoate, moonlit sand beneath my head, the guttural sound of a wild dog’s growling dragged me back to my body. Seemingly, I had been suspended deep in the remnants of the ancient, granulated ridges beneath me—now terrifyingly rendered into a conduit for dog-noise. By the time I found the means to move, the hound had gone, unsighted, into the night. On the fringe of Alice Springs a few weeks earlier, another person—somnolent like me, though inebriated—had been killed by a pack of wild dogs. Another had been severely injured. I decided to drive myself…

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Coming home

20 Aug

SO – at dOCUMENTA we discovered Warwick Thornton’s piece – which was great to see, a little bit of home in Germany.
Then we trained it Frankfurt, and then we caught a plane or two to Melbourne then to Hobart … then taxid it to our house, then passed out.

And that’s the end of my travel comics from August 2012. Hope you enjoyed them.


Omer Fast makes some ART!

19 Aug


Image 18 Aug



Mehretu Ninja

17 Aug



And then we went to dOCUMENTA13

16 Aug