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Queenstown Art fest

13 Nov

So Nadine and I went to Queenstown to help out with Inflight Art’s side of things at the Inaugural Queenstown Heritage and Arts festival in October of this year. It was a blast – on Sunday morning I woke up and went downstairs at the nurse’s quarters to find these two ragamuffins looking half awake wrapped in blankets in the common room, these blankets were not the best throw blankets by any stretch of the imagination… they’d been chasing some goat up a mountain and then hanging out with Con Koukias in a caravan somewhere drinking … dangerous sport!

Here’s a sketch of Q’town from the nurse’s quarters common room.

Easter trip to the West of Tassie

19 Apr

Went on a trip to Queenstown and Strahan at Easter with a few friends and … well … I’ll let the comic tell the story, page 2 never got finished … and probably never will –

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