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Cidade da Cultura

31 Jul




Quick stop in Mallorca

30 Jul





Drive West Today at the now NOW 2012

30 Jul

An improvisation that I did at the now NOW series in September of 2012 in Sydney.

Long Weekend – 2nd print run!

29 Jul

San Kessto Publications has now received the second print-run of The Long Weekend in Alice Springs and it continues to sell well, which is just awesome for a book made by a small self-publisher. You can still buy it directly at the San Kessto Publications website.

BUT – You can also find the book at some very special bookstores in these cities –

Alice Springs – Red Kangaroo Books (Todd Mall), Dymocks (Alice plaza)

Brisbane – Avid Reader (West End)

Fremantle – New Editions (High St)

Melbourne – Readings (Carlton), Minotaur (Elizabeth St, CBD), Metropolis (Swanston St)

Sydney – Gleebooks (Glebe Point Rd, Glebe), Better Read Than Dead (King St Newtown), MCA shop (Circular Quay)

Wholesale inquiries to –

The Long Weekend in Alice Springs

Switzerland travels

29 Jul





Chairs chairs chairs

27 Jul





Wine and electrocution 2012 – a wild story (read below)

26 Jul



So the story goes like this – I had a gig in Basel, Switzerland – at this great little artist-run place called Schqrzwaldallee which was in an old train repair-yard. I met all the people who ran it who were very nice hipster artists – very nice people. I was setting up, and a few people had arrived, I had bare feet on concrete, I was holding my guitar – and there was this nice little lamp on the ground with a shade on it – it was on, I reched down to move from one side of my guitar pedals to the other – as my hands closed around the base of it (made of metal)- I had this vibrating sensation throughout my upper body – I knew in my mind that I was being electrified but I couldn’t open my hand to release the lamp. An involuntary noise came from my throat and I could see the people at the door looking at – it all happened very much in slow-motion – I noticed a lot of things in what was probably a short space of about 3-4 seconds of the current passing through me – I fell over on my knees, which must have knocked the lamp out of my hand. I was very shaken up … everyone rushed in – I think everyone was in shock (no pun intended). I had a lot of adrenaline pulsing through my veins and was apparently as white as a sheet. The artists fussed around and couldn’t believe it was the lamp … they thought it might’ve been my guitar … I didn’t know which it was … could’ve been both … I could’ve bridged the electricity between the lamp and the guitar or the lamp and the concrete … I was certain it was the lamp. I got a little cranky at them suggesting it was the guitar when it clearly happened when I picked up the lamp – their safety switches didn’t switch off either which was also concerning. Anyway – Nadine was adamant that she didn’t want me to play. Nadine’s Dad came in a started giving the artists grief, making suggestions in a commanding voice. It was quite a scene. Anyway, I decided to continue playing – they got a different lamp out. I walked over to pick up my guitar and the lights went out … I panicked and ran away from the setup. They fixed it again … and I decided to man-up and play the gig.

I thought I played pretty well … Nadine recorded some of it … ages later I listened to it again – I played terribly.
The next day Nadine convinced me to go to local doctor to get checked out – he did and ECG … or an EKG in German. There was a slight change on my EKG which indicated that a part of my myocardium had suffered a small amount of oxygen loss – he told me to come back in a week for another EKG and a stress test – he expected it to be fine again. I came back in a week – it was fine. Phew!!


25 Jul

I wanna be a Travella (and a artist) 2012






Sound Klub 9

25 Jul


2011 one-pager

24 Jul


It’s all about social media isn’t it.