Round #4 – Number 44 Andrew Carrazzo

17 Apr

Well here’s an absolute gun! Also – he’s a good Italian boy, which is good for the olds. So far this year – he has shut down Pendlebury (Pies, last week, for which he got best on ground and a medal), Simon Black from Brisbane and completely shut down Trent Cotchin (Tigers) after the first quarter in the first game. This week I can only assume he’s gunna shut down Jobe Watson or someone of his ilk as Carlton take on Essendon at the MCG!!

Carn’ the Blues!
… well the Dons got us on this one … and Carazzo looked good for the first two minutes before he went down with a broken shoulder … dammit!! Hopefully he’s up and about in a few weeks. I’ll update the pic with the scores and other bits and bobs in the next week … Not sure who next week’s player is – if Yarran plays – it’ll be his 50th I believe … but he buggerised his toe in the messy game against the Bombers.

Other pics in the series so far (there’ll be one every week) – Mitch Robinson, Brett Ratten and Kade Simpson

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