Carlton Blues Round #5 – Michael Jamison (Number #40)

26 Apr

Michael Jamison is a gun … I’m glad he’s back.

This week we’ll be taking on Freo at Paterson’s stadium … which is reputedly very large for an oval … we need to spread well and run our guts out.

You can go back to the main Carlton page or you can look at the other pics in the series so far (there’ll be one every week) – Mitch Robinson, Brett RattenKade Simpson and Andrew Carrazzo. (I had started drawing Yarran for this week as it would’ve been his 50th … but since he buggered up his toe then I’ll pull back on doing that one).

Next week – Eddie Betts cracks 150 GAMES!!! (And Shaun Hammer cracks half a ton … but I only get one picture a week … that’s the deal!)


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