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Booklaunch of The Long Weekend in Tassie

26 Feb

Tasmanian Writers Festival: Twitch Weekend – Illustrating the Now

Sat, March 16 – 2:00pm – 5:00pm

Saturday 2-5pm: $55/$35
Venue: Founders Room, Salamanca Arts Centre (Woobys Lane entrance)

Tickets available from Ten Days on the Island website. Enquiries to or phone 6224 0029

Day one of our Twitch weekend is Illustrating the Now, with two sessions:

Part 1: Political cartooning 
Time: 2 pm-3.15 pm
Conveners: Caitlin Richardson and Robbie Arnott
Guest Artists: Andrew Marlton of First Dog on the Moon (Melb), Jon Kudelka (Hob) and Chris Downes (Hob)

Political cartoonists bring us a special brand of wisdom visualising the hilarious, the unthinkable and of course the truth. Kick-starting their creative engines to hit an afternoon deadline, requires talent and nerve. In this session you will come to understand how their process works and grab an insight into their quirky views of the world.

Part 2: Graphic it is
Time: 3.30 pm – 5.00 pm
Guest Writers: Joshua Santospirito (Hobart) and John Retallick (Hobart)

Comic-loving kids have now grown up, and brought their comics with them. The popularity of the graphic novel is on the rise. In this session you will find out how the blending of text and illustration has evolved. Joshua and John will share their experience of the graphic novel movement in Australia and will also discuss what is possible in the brave new world of crowd funding.

Their session will conclude with the launch of Joshua Santospirito’s novel The Long Weekend in Alice Springs, funded through the crowd funding Pozible and supported by the Minister for the Arts through Arts Tasmania. 

The book can be snaffled from the San Kessto website from March 14! 

We love printers

20 Feb

So … now that we have a website for our publishing company San Kessto Publications … our second job as publishers … is to publish a book.
OK – so, here we go – here’s something that we just whipped up

– I’ll send Nadine down to the print-shop to make sure they’re doing a sterling job with our book.


Hmm … yes … they appear to be doing a good job …

Yes … this printer looks attentive enough … good carry on.
All images – Nadine Kessler

San Kessto Publications

20 Feb

Born in the burbs of Hobart Tasmania – San Kessto Publications is the new small publishing house run by Nadine Kessler and Joshua Santospirito. The logo made by Nadine is, of course, the wonderful Hills Hoist in the centre of our backyard, the centrepiece of all families with stories to tell! The name is a fun amalgamation of our two surnames, we initially came up with it as a name for our home made fruit-wine label. It seems to be the name we stick on everything now, we make a lot of things so it seems a natural progression to have it as the moniker for our literary and publishing venture as well.


The first major publication for San Kessto will be The Long Weekend in Alice Springs (available to buy from the San Kessto website from March 16) which was Josh’s major opus over recent years with the book design by Nadine. Future projects involving both comics and posters as well as graphic design booklets. Josh is in the present moment in the early stages of curating a collection of likely Tassie-based comic-artists to produce a series of small comics called Down There, with the first issue available in the second half of 2013. Some of the projects sound freaking unreal so you should stay tuned!

Click on the logo to have a look at our books/zines/posters at the new website –

17 Feb

This is Nadine’s typographic poster that is currently included in the Glenorchy Art Show. I’m quite a fan of Nadine’s experimental type work.


11 Feb

Confusingly – printers send you this thing to look at which has all of the pages all over the place …
Excitingly, the print it on glossy stuff which looks looks nice and shiny! The real thing won’t be printed on shiny paper … so this is a nice novelty before the final piece comes in a couple weeks.




Sleuth – The Waldheimerin

8 Feb










This comic was completed in March 2013 by Josh at Chugnut (comics weekend in Victoria). It was written with major assistance from Katsutoshi Osakabe and Nadine Kessler who helped with translations, I sneakily placed in some people I know, borrowed their stories somewhat and whatnot – thankyous therefore go to Jerome Santospirito, Andrew Harwood, Glen Ewers, Sarah Katz, Sophie Clear and anyone who looks after the Cradle Mountain National Park. This comic is part of the Sleuth series of comics, an investigation into the spirituality of modern Australia. I also stole something from TGH Strehlow.


Book cover

7 Feb

Book-launch to be held March 16th as part of the inaugural Shock of the Now festival.

Here’s a sneaky-peek!!
The Long Weekend cover