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12 Jan

This absolutely huge gig is on tonight at the Odeon Theatre in Hobart.
Craig San Roque and I will be on the stage, and the art from the graphic novel will be up on the SILVER SCREEN bigger than it has EVER been!

On Friday, Saturday and Sunday it will be projected onto the Cinemona screen inside the museum, which is smaller – but the 2K projector is wonderful – and it will never look BETTER! Very excited!
Screen Shot 2016-01-13 at 9.45.27 am


The Guðmundsdóttir Summoning

7 Jan


It is rather timely to have popped the witch’s hat on again just weeks before the term ‘witch’ once again entered the Australian political vocabulary (Remember ‘Ditch the Witch’? Never forget. Never, ever forget.). Immigration Minister, Peter Dutton this week referred to political editor, Samantha Maiden as a ‘mad fucking witch’ in a text he mistakenly sent directly to her and in reference to her column criticising his colleague, Jamie Briggs (for whom the message had been intended) regarding the sexual harrassment of a younger female colleague.

My general disgust with Australian politics and a feeling of immense powerlessness to enact change through the conventional democratic means has been one driver behind some of the more esoteric explorations I have made as an artist. How else can I affect change? What tools are available to me? Magick seems as legitimate a possibility to me as the…

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