Comics/Graphic Novels


* The Long Weekend in Alice Springs – 2013: a graphic novel adaption of an essay of the same name by Craig San Roque, now in its THIRD printing and available from San Kessto Publications website.
The Long Weekend in Alice Springs

* Swallows Part One – published in 2015. About migration and how human minds create stories to connect to the world around it: grab it from San Kessto Publications.

* The Descent of Inanna into the Underworld – 2012 an ancient myth in a 13 page comic – done as an inset into The Long Weekend but can be read completely separately. Not available in print at this time.

* Sleuth – a long-term project of intersecting-comics, some are in zine-form, some are in exhibition-form (comics designed to be read on the wall): you can sometimes purchase Sleuth comics from San Kessto Publications. You can also find sections of Sleuth contained in magazines such as Meanjin and Island.

Sleuth #2

I often do short comics as well (usually one pagers), and then I give them away … and never see them again. A bad habit which I intend to correct. Some other are contained in various group releases or zines. I’ll try to collect some from around the place and put them up here as time goes by.
* There’s one here from 2011- Chugnut Comics
* Here’s one with my Niece
* Here’s one that was contained in Our Day Will Come zine in Hobart 2011.
* Here’s one from the Barbarians (IHOS Opera) 2012 premiere season (I was in the chorus and drew this backstage).

Cute Marsupials
* The Pademelon 2011

Travel comics – comics I make when wandering the planet
* I wanna be a Travella (and a artist) zine – made up of travel sketches and comics from a trip to Europe in Aug 2012.
* Easter trip to the West Coast of Tasmania 2012
* Travel comic in Sydney … no jokes … just travel in the big smoke, 2011
* Cradle Mountain xmas trip 2011
* Visiting the nephews and nieces, 2011
* One from travelling in NZ 2010

Sports Comics
* Carlton Blues yearbook 2012

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