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Sleuth Zine 2 is in the pipeline

26 Apr

SO – I’ve set about beginning a new publishing idea: that is, gathering a bunch of comic-artists that I like here in Tasmania and asking them to do a comic each. The series will be called DOWN THERE. Each issue will have a different artist and will be available from San Kessto Publications. The first issue will be by myself and will be available in July with a launch of the entire series to be announced in the next month or so.

So I’m busy in the inking stage of my comic which is part of my ongoing project Sleuth – I’ve already mapped out, scripted out, pencilled out – a cracking yarn where detective Ivan Brackic comes to Tasmania, the island of DEATH, on the search for a missing person who was thought to have been killed many years back – the cold case of Brenda Hean.

Just … do me a favour and ignore the spelling of Tasmania – I shall be fixing that up later on in the process.



Praise the Lord

23 Apr



21 Apr

Click here to go to a podcast that josh did on The Comic Spot with John Retallick and Gary Chaloner – talking for an hour about the Long Weekend, the process of making the graphic novel, publishing in Tassie and adapting from essay into comics.

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Melbourne book LAUNCH – May 30th, 8pm

18 Apr

Web invite Melbourne May 01


Sleuth Volume #2

16 Apr


exhibition statement

15 Apr

This is Nadine Kessler’s exhibition at Arts Tas which concluded just recently. I have an interest in these concepts, there is some cross-over with my work and my art. The artworks Nadine produced were challenging and playful and a large amount of people who saw it found it to be very engaging. Well done Nadine. More please.

Interview on the Comic Spot

14 Apr

Interview on radio/podcast with John Retallick and Gary Chaloner at the Comic Spot – nice conversation about various issues.

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Alice Springs LAUNCH

8 Apr

Alice Springsians please note in your diaries – this is the Friday after Wide Open Space.

You’re invited of course.
Please come.

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Here’s a book

5 Apr

To buy the book – got to


2 Apr

Some recent media stuff

Bernard Caleo reviews The Long Weekend graphic novel on the Smartarts program on Triple R

Also – an Arts hub interview¬†relating to Josh’s work at the MONA FOMA in January 2013.