Swallows Part One – 2015

In 2015 Joshua Santospirito published this new graphic novella about his family’s migration to Australia and the experience of being descended from Aeolian Italian migrants.

Swallows Part One
by Joshua Santospirito

Published by San Kessto Publications, 2015
Moonah Tasmania
ISBN 978-0-9875008-1-6
64 Pages perfect bound

Purchase from San Kessto Publications

A poetic new graphic novella by Joshua Santospirito about the experience of migration and what it means to pull up your roots from one place on the other side of the world … and start weaving them into the new world.

Joshua follows the story of his grandfather as he slowly builds his life from a working child in the streets of Melbourne to the King of Flowers on Flinders Street.

Other graphic novels by Joshua Santospirito includes the popular and award winning The Long Weekend in Alice Springs, 2013, which is also available from San Kessto Publications.

Media and other things
2016 – Article in Il Globo newspaper
2016 – July Exhibition of art from Swallows at the Immigration Museum, Melbourne.
2016 – Radio National Art and Books review of Swallows.
2016 – shortlisted at the Ledger Awards
2015 – September exhibition of art from Swallows at the Museo Italiano, Melbourne.
2015 – SBS Radio interview about Swallows with Magica Fosati
2015 – Carlton Football Club Website article about Swallows


Purchase the book from SAN KESSTO PUBLICATIONS






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