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Immigration Museum exhibition of “Swallows”

28 Jun

For the next four months art from my little graphic novella “Swallows Part One” will be up at the Immigration Museum in Melbourne, which is totally rad because it is just down the street from the place where my grandfather used to have his flower stand (which is featured in the book)! Very excited. I’ll be at the Museum on Saturday August the 6th at 2pm to give a talk about the making of Swallows and some other works.

Dates: July 1 to October 31
Where: Immigration Museum Foyer, 400 Flinders St, Melbourne


Raft Gallery Hobart

23 Jun

I did a comic reading at Raft Gallery in Hobart during Dark MOFO. This preceded a round table discussion on the concept of Home. It was a great afternoon! Wonderful discussion organised by Stella Gray of Raft, and MC’d by Firas Massouh.

I wanna be a travella 2016

13 Jun

When Pippa and I went travelling to the USA just recently I had a great time! Went to Florida to visit my friends Tom Hart and Leela Corman at the Sequential Artists Workshop; went to NYC to meet Art Spiegelman and Fran├žoise Mouly. All sort of things. AND – I made a travel journal which I have now turned into a comic-zine which you can buy if you like.

Go to San Kessto Publications and snaffle a copy. It’s cheap.


Her Maj round-up

11 Jun

Her Maj 2016 is done and dusted!
So many people turned up to alllll the events.

So much thanks to all involved ->>>
I would like to thank everyone who was involved in Her Majesty’s 2016 and who’ve helped make it super fun and special yet again. All the artists and music and organisers but in particular Rachel Tribout,┬áNathanael Jeanneret, Nadine Kessler, Camille Antoine, Alyssa Bermudez, Tri Stan Barnes, Tania Fordwalker, Jennifer Cossins, Leonie Brialey (and Katharine Daly) Leigh Rigozzi, Chris Gallagher, Ivan Moose Johnston.

A very special thanks to Eleri Mai Harris (a cartoonist at the top of her game) and Mandy Ord (a cartoonist we can all just fall in love with) who gave the talk on Thursday the 9th, the final event of the festival. They just let us all witness one of the finest, most intelligent and warmest comics chats I have seen in years.
It was mighty.
My heart swells.
Long Live Her Maj


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