Concert History

April 21-22 – Something Somewhere Film Festival
June 10 – Mona VIP launch of The Museum of Everything
Feb 26 – Moonah Arts Centre, Wired for sound and vision
April 9 – Republic Bar, concert for Edie
April 16 – As part of Sleuth: The Pulse

Jan 17 – Hobart+Music=Yeah! collaboration Blair Rideout
April 2 – Canberra, Commonwealth Park Amphitheatre
April 9 – Melbourne At Brunswick Arts Space as part of 1000 words artist talk night
April 10 – Shipwright & The Banshee with Christopher Downes at Ledger Awards, State Library of Victoria
April 11 – Melbourne at Dane Certificate’s Theatre with Repellent
April 18 – Frankie’s Empire with M010
April 23 – Sound Klub 13, Hobart with Dani Kirby and Stafford/Warren
June 28 – Museum of Old and New Art, Hobart – Void performance 1-3pm

Jan 19 – MONA FOMA 2014 with the Hobart Improv Collective
May 31 – DARWIN, Australia, Happy Yess – as part of the Darwin Writers Festival
June 7 – Joshua Santospirito & Chris Downes performed The Shipwright and the Banshee as part of Her Majesty’s Favourite Really Great Graphical Festival, HOBART.
Sep 4 – HELSINKI, Finland – KatriinamiesKlubi
Sep 6 – HELSINKI, Finland – MBAR, as part of the Helsinki Comics Festival
Oct 3 – HOBART, Tasmania, with the Hovering Waitresses at Sound Klub, Grand Poobah
Nov 8 – Brisbane Hotel, HOBART supporting MO1O and Falconio

November 29th – Adelaide, FELTspace
October 18th – Third Sea – at Three Thirds barber shop with Zarathustra
October 12th – Frankie’s Empire (Hobart)
August 24th – Rat Palace, Hobart
August 17th – MO1O Vinyl album launch with Orodruin, Hobart
August 10th – Grand Poobah, Hobart, with Justice Yeldham and Ideal Wife
July 11 – part of the Hobart Improv Collective – Frankie’s Empire
May 4 – Alice Springs – Wide Open Space festival (Ross River)
Feb 28 – The Third Sea – battery point with Oceans and Angerman
Jan 18 – MONA FOMA 2013 ; Joshua Santospirito & Chris Downes perform The Shipwright and the Banshee at Rosny Barn

2012 – The most active year to date!! 2 albums, two tours – one to Europe, one to NSW/ACT.
Dec 9 – Canberra – House show WATSON
Dec 8 – Newcastle – The Terrace Bar
Dec 7 – Sydney AV Union Parramatta Road
Nov 30 – Sound Klub, Hobart, with (mumble)speak – THE HOVERING WAITRESSES
Sept 24 – Sydney: NOW now
August 24 – Berlin Gelegenheiten
August 17 – Vigo Teatro Ensalle
August 16 – Pontevedra – Liceo Mutante
August 2 – Basel, Switzerland – Schwarzwaldallee
July 22 – Hobart Suppenklänge West Hobart
July 15 – Hobart Suppenklänge Moonah
May 5 – Moonah Arts Centre for Experimental Music Night with the Lords of Leisure and the Hobart Improvisation Collective.
Feb 18 – MoMa market at MONA – Museum of Old and New Art, Hobart
Feb 5 – Jackey’s Marsh Forest Festival, Northern Tasmania
Jan 26 – Invasion day playing the look-out building on Mount Wellington with the Hobart Improvisation Collective.

 December 2 – Sydney – The Silent Hour XX
 October 2 – Swamp Art Compostery – the Poobah Bazaar free entry
 September 30 – Inflight ARI – Sound Klub! Free entry
 August 20 – Sound to Light – Hobart, with Christopher Downes details to be announced
 June 25th – General Store Gallery, Woolloomooloo, as part of The Sound Hour
 June 17th – Watch This Space gallery, Alice Springs as part of Mimi Leung’s exhibition.
 June 4th – Alice Springs – the playground near Spencer Hill!! Acousmatic ecology
 April 1st – at the Grand Poobah supporting Enola Fall’s “I am an aerial” CD launch
 January 7th – the Hobart Improvisation Collective – 6a’s last do. Long live 6a
 January 6th at Quark Quark, Aloo Aloo part 3 – House concert in West Hobart with Silberhörnli

September – Quark Quark, Aloo Aloo.
July 4th Sunday at Quark Quark, Aloo Aloo part – house concert in West Hobart
June 4th Friday Hobart Brisbane Hotel at 6a Compilation CD launch with ‘Hobart Improvisational Collective.
May 3rd Monday Alice Springs East-side – Goyder Lane Electric Ecology free concert 7pm
May 2nd Sunday Central Australia, Ross River at the Wide Open Space festival with J9 Stanton
March 13th Saturday Hobart at the Peacock Theatre, Hobart supporting ROIL
Feb 14th Sunday Florentine Valley with J9 Stanton, Cabaret festival
Jan 19th Tuesday Hobart ABC radio – live in studio and interview with Ryk Goddard
Jan 17th Sunday Hobart Mona Foma festival with Anthony Magen on visuals
Jan 13th Wednesday Hobart Mona Foma festival with Anthony Magen on visuals
Jan 12th Tuesday Hobart Mona Foma Festival workshop

October 4th at the SOAK BAR with Biddy Connor 7:30, North Hobart, Tasmania
July 10th, Friday – With Charles Du Cane: CD Launch @ Siren’s ballroom. Hobart!!
May 12th, Alice Springs – East side Goyder Street Lane – open air gig: 7:30pm
May 2nd, Wide Open Space Festival – Ross River Resort. Saturday. Three day festival – NT.
April 25th, with J9 – the Lane Restaurant. Alice Springs Mall
April 18th, with J9 – the Lane Restaurant. Alice Springs Mall
April 7th, with J9 Stanton at the DesArt conference, Alice Springs Plaza
March 5th, Melbourne – Brunswick, the Edinburgh Castle with “Genevieve & JezebelMarch 3rd, Melbourne – Fitzroy, the Old Bar with “Great Earthquakes” & “Wonderful Fellowship
February 25th – Hobart – the Brisbane Hotel with various folks (Anthony RochesterManchester Mourningthe Love In).

December 28th, Hobart – Container Project, The Tasmanian Taste Festival with Nadine Kessler.
December 12th, Hobart – “Reel” @ 6a Artist Run Intitiative end of year party, North Hobart with Soundtracks will dissolve.
October 24, Friday at the Alley Cat Bar in North Hobart.
September 21st, Sunday at the Edinburgh Castle with “Genevieve & Jezebel”.
September 17th, Wednesday at Consolador de dos caras, @ la Campana, 53-55 liverpool st, the spanish 1/4, Sydney
August 24th, Sunday at the Audiopollen Social Club, West End, Brisbane. (Forest Cafe, Boundary Road)
July 14th, Monday at the Old Bar (Melbourne), with Seth Rees and the charming Lehmann Smith
May 20th, at the Privatclub, Berlin, Germany, with Bleubird the Chap
May 6th, fourtrack on stage at the Monkey Club, Prenzlauerberg, Berlin, Germany
March 4th, the Make It Up Club at Bar Open, Fitzroy, after 9.00pm
March 4th/5th, Tuesday night – Interview on RRR radio on the To and Fro show from Midnight to 2am Wed morning.

December 30th, Sunday – Bar 303 … The Great 303 Gig!!
November 13th, Tuesday – Bar Open @ the Make It Up Club, Brunswick Street, Fitzroy, Melbourne.
November 10th, Saturday – Forepaw shop front, 275 High Street, Northcote, Melbourne.
November 9th, Friday – The Afterdark bargallery, 565 High Street, Northcote, Melbourne.
September 18th – J’Bird’s place, Watch This Space, Alice Springs. Part of the Sounds Unusual Festival.
August 31st – I Can’t Believe It’s Not Art! Watch This Space Gallery, Alice Springs. Preview for the Sounds Unusual Festival.

December 3rd – Live&LetDIY festival, West End, Brisbane, Qld.
June 3rd – Jamnesia @ the settlers cottage, Alice Springs NT

February 20th – the playhouse @ the Chocolate Factory, Chippendale, Sydney

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