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Tour dates and Album – Acousmatic Ecology Pt 1: a query

29 Jun

Acousmatic Ecology part 1: A Query
July 2012 on CD and as digital download from Bandcamp

CD or digital download of Acousmatic Ecology part 1: A Query  can be gotten for FREE (in July) through Bandcamp!

Drive West Today has been expanding over 2011 and 2012 to encompass more than just the cinematic experience of listening to sound. Joshua Santospirito’s guitar is more and more placed into textural compositions that contrast silence to clicks and bursts of sonar.

The recordings in the Acousmatic Ecology series are a document of one moment in a long slow exploration of stops and starts and counterintuition. All aimed at creating stillness within a maelstrom of anxiety and the elevation of the soul in the midst of confusion, attempting to take the listener into the performing experience.

Part 1 of the two-part series are selected pieces from a recording session in May in Hobart at the Scrapbook Studios. Part 2 will be out in late 2012 and will feature selected recordings that focus more on improvisational concepts within repetition.

all music improvised by joshua santospirito
recorded and mixed by Ryan Lynch from scrapbook studios
May-June Hobart, Tasmania, Australia

Concert Tour announced as part of the Acousmatic Ecology CD series
August – Europe – I’m very excited to be travelling to Europe again!
Thursday 16 – Pontevedra, Galicia, Spain – Liceo Mutante
Friday 24 – Gelegenheiten, Berlin, Germany

September – Australia
Friday 21 – Hobart
Monday 24 – Sydney – NOW now series

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Keep your ears out for Part 2!!! – Available in November 2012 – with more tour dates to be announced then!

Carlton Blues, 100 Blue games – Chris Judd

26 Jun

I think that the strapping is also to help contain his monstrous desire for another premiership … maybe he’ll let the strapping come undone in the finals series and let the world feel his wrath!!! This week he has played 100 games for Carlton!! After having played 132 games for the West Coast Eagles, where he had a great career – being captain of their team, being a premiership captain, Norm Smith medallist, Brownlow medallist etc. At Carlton so far – he’s the captain … has been best and fairest three times (in a row), has a Brownlow medal … premiership cup here Juddy comes!

The Blues play the Hawks this week – they’ve got a Franklin-on-fire to contend with … but nothing that Jamison can’t deal with at fullback.

And here’s a pic I did in the finals series of 2011 … I imagine we’ll hear this phrase quite a bit come Brownlow Medal night. I was quite fond of this sketchy drawing … it was nice and raw.

hear no evil

26 Jun

Brisbane Audiopollen recording – 2008

19 Jun

This recording (and photo) is from a concert in Brisbane in 2008 at the Audiopollen Social Club.

image – Nadine Kessler

2012 BLUES – Heath Scotland

14 Jun

Round #12 ol’ Scotto is the drawing of the week!!
He’s back from injury and in Perth to play the West Coast Eagles – who we’re going to take APART!!!!!

DWT video from the Silent Hour – Sydney 2011

12 Jun

The Silent Hour in held at The General Store for Contemporary Art in Sydney.

2012 Premiers – Jeffrey Garlett

6 Jun

So – there’s been a few setbacks so far this year on our road to the Premiership cup … but of course – that all serves to make the success all the sweeter … this Friday we’ll be doing away with the reigning premiers – the Geelong CATS.

Actually – I should ‘fess up – I did a few drawings recently of about three players … who all then got injured … I’m starting to feel this project of mine has some strange voodoo curse on it … let’s see if Garlett kicks 5 sneaky goals this week – then I am thankfully wrong about this idea: GO JEFFY!!!!

This little quick-dude is from WA … apparently he used to live in a car before being drafted by the Blues … and now he’s a superstar!! so … damn … quick! 

Edge radio benefit gig poster

5 Jun

I banged this one out this week for Edge Radio – youth radio here in Hobart that I spent two years being a presenter for. I’m also a regular member of the Hobart Improv Collective who will be playing with the Tasmanian Improvised Orchestra (I need to change the name on the poster tonight). The monster is eating a Shakuhachi … which I shall leave as a Hobartian in-joke for you to wonder about.