Joshua Santospirito has played over the years under the name of Drive West Today which is variously an experimental music / improvisational / soundscape art / soundtracking project. He aims to dance around that wonderfully greybrown area between performance and sound art. DWT has also been a collaborative project over the years, including musicians: mumble(speak) (Matt Warren from Hobart), Jnine Stanton (Alice Springs) and Nadine Kessler (as part of Silberhörnli from Hobart) as well as visual artists such as – Christopher Downes (Tasmania), and Anthony Magen.

His 2012 albums – Acousmatic Ecology part 1 – a query and pardon? Acousmatic Ecology part 2 can be downloaded for free here. This album was toured to Europe and mainland Australia.

DWT’s 2008/09 acoustic album can be found here – A shitload less understanding than what is required, an album recorded in Hobart, Tasmania in 2008/2009 and is musically based around psychological ideas inspired by Josh’s work since 2005 in the area of mental health in Central Australia.

Repellent 2015 AprilNSW/ACT tour

Late 2012 saw the release of part 2 of the Acousmatic Ecology collection.

Some tracks can be found at Soundcloud, occasionally uploaded. Click here to watch some videos from 2010/2011, and click here to like DWT on Facebook and for regular updates about gigs etc. More information about DWT, including concerts / tours etc  can be found at The Collossal Adjective

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