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New Book! Sri Lanka travel diary

23 Jan

I am publishing my little water-coloured travel journal from my recent recent to Sri Lanka. It’s very nice.

Buy it HERE

Colour printing is pretty ex-y so please preorder it so I can pay the printer – I’ve made a special lil preorder price for youse.

Preorder price
AUS $8.50 until Feb 11th (+ $3 postage)
– launching at the Festival of the Photocopier in Melbs on the 12th


5 Oct

Coming home

20 Aug

SO – at dOCUMENTA we discovered Warwick Thornton’s piece – which was great to see, a little bit of home in Germany.
Then we trained it Frankfurt, and then we caught a plane or two to Melbourne then to Hobart … then taxid it to our house, then passed out.

And that’s the end of my travel comics from August 2012. Hope you enjoyed them.


Omer Fast makes some ART!

19 Aug


Image 18 Aug



The Paris Disney

11 Aug



Je suis Le Roi

11 Aug




6 Aug


Santiago de Comp. sketch

3 Aug

While I was wandering around Santiago de compostela last year for about a week or so – I just walked around the old city and ate octopus and sketched a lot. There is TONNES of tourists but the city’s old character still comes through – which is probably why they all come. That and the fact that the old cathedral of St James is ridiculously impressive.

The reason I ended up going to Galicia in the first place is because I was trying to organise some gigs in Europe at the time that Nadine and I were travelling there – An artist bloke I know in Hobart by the name of Scot Cotterell gave me some contacts in Galicia, where he had been not long before. Below is a video that he made at the steps to the cathedral. That him with the black shirt with the Australia on the back.

Sketches from my travels 2012

2 Aug