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Coming home

20 Aug

SO – at dOCUMENTA we discovered Warwick Thornton’s piece – which was great to see, a little bit of home in Germany.
Then we trained it Frankfurt, and then we caught a plane or two to Melbourne then to Hobart … then taxid it to our house, then passed out.

And that’s the end of my travel comics from August 2012. Hope you enjoyed them.


Omer Fast makes some ART!

19 Aug


Image 18 Aug



Mehretu Ninja

17 Aug



And then we went to dOCUMENTA13

16 Aug


Charlotte Salomon (1917-43) Documenta

25 Jan

At Documenta in 2012, the most interesting piece I came across was this historical oddity by Charlotte Salomon. It is a Gesamtkunstwerk of sorts, an ambitious fusion of visual art, poetry and perhaps other hidden artforms by a young Jewish German women who eventually found herself in Auschwitz. The entire work was made in 1941-42 and is a series of about 760 gouache paintings that retell the story of numerous suicides in her family, mostly women on a background of suggested abuse. It was mostly in German which I found difficult to fully understand (my German not being up to scratch despite being married for a number of years now to a beautiful German lass) but the intense visuals were quite astounding. I realised very quickly that this kind of artwork, which was laid out in a series of cases (as you’ll see in the images below), was a form of comics. It also happened to coincide with the period where I was organising the first of the Sleuth series of exhibits, which mostly involved me using entire sheets of paper as panels for comics that were to spread across walls. I found it very interesting indeed. I must get my mitts on a copy of the book of these images.

documenta 01







and … ANOTHER Zine!!

1 Oct

The yellow one is a zine from all my sketches and comics from Nadine and my trip to Western Europe to catch up with family, cruise around paris and Spain and Berlin and dOCUMENTA and whatnot – highly amusing stuff. (Last night I also found two other zines … one from a couple of years ago with a slightly wicked story in it … and another from earlier in 2012 for the IHOS production of Barbarians as part of the 2012 MONA FOMA here in Hobart … I’m drowning in zines right now … I must find a way to get them out to you all.

dOCUMENTA(13) – part two

13 Sep

A couple more sketchy drawings from our time at dOCUMENTA(13) whilst we were gallavanting around Europa – the Moon / Jeon film was a beautiful piece of work!! HOWEVER – the best thing at the whole of dOCUMENTA was that Cardiff/Bures-Miller sound art piece in the Karlsaue

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dOCUMENTA (13) – part one

12 Sep

So Nadine and recently got back from the land of overseas … we had a cracking time! One of the highlights was going to dOCUMENTA(13) … I drew stuff from almost every day of the trip and dOCUMENTA was no exception – here’s a couple of things to say. 
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