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New Book! Sri Lanka travel diary

23 Jan

I am publishing my little water-coloured travel journal from my recent recent to Sri Lanka. It’s very nice.

Buy it HERE

Colour printing is pretty ex-y so please preorder it so I can pay the printer – I’ve made a special lil preorder price for youse.

Preorder price
AUS $8.50 until Feb 11th (+ $3 postage)
– launching at the Festival of the Photocopier in Melbs on the 12th

Melbourne Exhibition

4 Sep

Get down to the Immigration Museum to see the free Swallows exhibition in the foyer area, ends at the end of October.

More info here – https://museumvictoria.com.au/immigrationmuseum/whats-on/swallows/

Drawing Swallows

14 Apr

Swallows part one – is a graphic novel by Joshua Santospirito.
in April – you can PREORDER A COPY at POZIBLE which will help Josh cover the costs of printing the book, which is comPLETEly rad of you.

I reckon – you might enjoy the book too! – you can find out more at pozible.com/swallowscomic

Book will be available from August 2015 from SAN KESSTO PUBLICATIONS!!

Music in the video –
Floaty drawing music is by The Necks
Hardcore drawing music is by Patana Beretta (electronics) and Joshua Santospirito (drums)

How to make a cover of a book

28 Jan

Here’s how you make a cover for a book …

Step 1 – spend weeks drawing lots of different ideas
Step 2 – have many arguments with graphic designer wife
Step 3 – don’t give in
Step 4 – realise that wife probably has better sense for this stuff than you do … and compromise

Step 5 – Draw the title, draw the outlines of two dogs about to have a scruff using the only lightbox you have available (the sun)


Step 6 – Colour in the texture of that big shaggy dog on the back cover!

Step 7 – Finish the writing on the back (some endorsements from Jennifer Mills, Rod Moss and Tom Singer!! )

Step 8 And add the spine.

Here’s the spine up close!

Step 9 – scan and relinquish to graphic designer.