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Justice Yeldham

26 Sep



he looks a little uncertain doesn’t he

26 Jun



17 Jun

My great-grandfather’s name was Antonino. His son, my granfather, was called Antonio.
This is Dad’s words – I just drew the picture.

Andrew Carrazzo – Bluebagger of the week

14 Jun

One of my faves – a touch under-rated … goodness knows why!

Here’s a link to some of last year’s drawings

Brock McLean – 2013 Bluebagger of the week

6 Jun

This man is a secret weapon … just watch him!


Praise the Lord

23 Apr


The Shipwright & the Banshee

20 Jan


The S&B was first performed by Chris Downes and Josh Santospirito as part of the 2011 Sound to Light evening which pitted a visual artist with a sound artist. Josh approached Chris in early 2011 about doing something together and they slowly developed the idea of performing a ghost story based on the Derwent River near Hobart, Tasmania.

Chris came up with the slow-burning 20 minute story of a young Shipwright meeting a banshee on the banks of Derwent River and Josh wrote the music and created the soundtrack and the music that he also performed. The story was cobbled together from various myths about banshee’s.

The second performance was at Chugnut (comics camp) in Victoria on the 31st of March 2012 where it was watched by every comicer worth a damn in the country (except for all the others) … who loved it.

The performance was then dissected for its weak points and turned into an interstellar monster with the addition of the idea of having an animated component along with Chris’s drawing … then we decided against that.

Then we asked Brian Ritchie (of the Violent Femmes) to include it in the MONA FOMA – an awesomely amazing music and art festival in Hobart, Australia … where Chris and I both live. The video is from the performance at the Rosny Barn as part of the festival.



The Windwarde Bound

14 Nov

Queenstown Art fest

13 Nov

So Nadine and I went to Queenstown to help out with Inflight Art’s side of things at the Inaugural Queenstown Heritage and Arts festival in October of this year. It was a blast – on Sunday morning I woke up and went downstairs at the nurse’s quarters to find these two ragamuffins looking half awake wrapped in blankets in the common room, these blankets were not the best throw blankets by any stretch of the imagination… they’d been chasing some goat up a mountain and then hanging out with Con Koukias in a caravan somewhere drinking … dangerous sport!

Here’s a sketch of Q’town from the nurse’s quarters common room.

Etsy shop

21 Oct

I finally got organised finally – perhaps on the back of a highly productive year – three zines!!
(well – four if you count the one I did for the Barbarians in January)

SO – in the future – if you want to buy some zines from me – go to my Etsy shop!!!

Currently – I have three zines for sale!! – All $5- plus postage! HOW CHEAP!!!
– “I wanna be a travella! (and a artist)” – all the travel shenanigans of me and Nadine’s recent trip to Europa
– “Sleuth Zine #1” (in conjunction with my November exhibition at Inglight Art Gallery
– Carlton Blues yearbook – the view from Tasmania (not many left)

Though if you’re such a lucky duck that you live in Melbourne – the world’s most liveable city, you could always ask at Sticky if they have anything of mine.