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21 Oct

I finally got organised finally – perhaps on the back of a highly productive year – three zines!!
(well – four if you count the one I did for the Barbarians in January)

SO – in the future – if you want to buy some zines from me – go to my Etsy shop!!!

Currently – I have three zines for sale!! – All $5- plus postage! HOW CHEAP!!!
– “I wanna be a travella! (and a artist)” – all the travel shenanigans of me and Nadine’s recent trip to Europa
– “Sleuth Zine #1” (in conjunction with my November exhibition at Inglight Art Gallery
– Carlton Blues yearbook – the view from Tasmania (not many left)

Though if you’re such a lucky duck that you live in Melbourne – the world’s most liveable city, you could always ask at Sticky if they have anything of mine.

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