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Kim Kerze

24 Jul

This is a drawing I did of Kim Kerze while he played with Nigel Farley and Tim Panaretos at a house gig in Hobart on Sunday the 22nd of July, 2012. He also used electronics and other interesting toys on the banjo which created some phenomenally beautiful sounds. Gorgeous gig!

Hobart improv bassist – Nigel Farley

24 Jul

Another drawing I did from the house concert on Sunday the 22nd of July (see Tim’s picture here)

Hobart Improv artist Tim Panaretos

24 Jul

This is from my sketchbook at the beautiful house concert in Hobart on Sunday the 22nd of July.
Tim played bouzouki with Nigel Varley (contrabass) and Kim Kerze (banjo and electronics) – it was exquisite!