23 Jul

What is a good death?
Did you think that when they jumped on your chest and brought you back to life that it’d all work out well?

This is a project that I have recently begun with a group consisting of Ian Paulin, Bruce Wilson, Sara Wright, Nadine Kessler.

It is something of an ongoing art project with its first incarnation being performed / installed at the MoMa (MONA Market) in April 2012.

It began with Bruce and Ian meeting up with Sara to enquire how joining forces with the arts might assist their project for healthy dying – a health promotion project that looks at raising awareness around the idea of advanced care directives in health in Tasmania. Tasmania lacks legislation that would give such documents legality which has the effect of clogging up the health system, as well as people being unneccesarily subjected to CPR and other life-saving methods against their wishes unless in a “not for resuscitation” situation.

The project’s aim is to increase discussion around this to help bring about more awareness in people about end-of-life issues.

Sara invited both myself and Nadine Kessler, local artist and graphic designer, to join in the project to give it some shape and form.

Here’s some of the photos from the Market stall on Nadine’s website.

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