Pages 99-101

26 Jul

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You can preorder a copy of the book (to be printed early 2013) in September! For more details – go to this facebook site or check back here form September to December.

On these pages here I broke from the panels completely – It was an exceptionally wordy part … but I kind of liked the conversation in the essay and didn’t want to scrap that chatting aspect to the writing.  In fact – in my mind I had a second name for the third chapter – The Conversation. Most of what’s written here is probably known in Australia and isn’t really ground-breaking stuff – the bit that quite dig is the last bit on the last page which implies that what is happening to Indigenous people is a process that is affecting us all … which is something I feel keenly in this country – the trauma of colonisation is something felt by everyone, whether they are aware of it or not.

Next month I will commence a massive funding campaign to see if we can together organise enough pledges to get a good print-run off the ground!!

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