2012 Premiers – Jeffrey Garlett

6 Jun

So – there’s been a few setbacks so far this year on our road to the Premiership cup … but of course – that all serves to make the success all the sweeter … this Friday we’ll be doing away with the reigning premiers – the Geelong CATS.

Actually – I should ‘fess up – I did a few drawings recently of about three players … who all then got injured … I’m starting to feel this project of mine has some strange voodoo curse on it … let’s see if Garlett kicks 5 sneaky goals this week – then I am thankfully wrong about this idea: GO JEFFY!!!!

This little quick-dude is from WA … apparently he used to live in a car before being drafted by the Blues … and now he’s a superstar!! so … damn … quick! 

One Response to “2012 Premiers – Jeffrey Garlett”

  1. blackcardstatus July 27, 2013 at 11:30 am #

    Soccer:. I support Sheffield Wednesday. . Aussie Rules:.

    I barrack for Carlton Football Club. . Baseball:.
    I’m a NY Yankees Fan.. . Am I the only person in the world to support these teams?.

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