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A more pizzazzy title

25 Nov

Someone recently said to me that she thought I should change the name of the Long Weekend in Alice Springs to something a little more pizzazzy.

We could work-shop some suggestions such as

  • The Jungian Psychologist and the Infinite Sadness
  • The Complex Case (Get it??!!!)
  • How to write an academic article that’s not bloody boring
  • The Dark Night Returns
  • Watch Men and Women
  • Craig San Roque vs the World

She also recommended that I stick some scantily clad woman with large breasts on the front cover … which would sell in the hundreds of thousands … by the time the teenage boys got home and took the plastic off and opened it they would be incredibly disappointed , but with the law of retail returns in action – most of them couldn’t be bothered returning to the shop to get their money back and I WOULD HAVE MADE A KILLING.

There is a bit of nudity at one part … the Inanna part … perhaps i should just maximise that section … there is also a bit of male nudity at a similar part … I could market it both to those attracted to busty women and to those who’re attracted to fit lean young men (Adonis) … I think that might have covered a large proportion of the market … What do you think?

Old people

16 Nov

Here’s a couple of sketches I did whilst researching what I wanted to do with the Long Weekend. The old bloke was from a photo in an old anthropology book … I actually didn’t record which one, so I’ve forgotten, possibly a photo of Spencer’s … or Herbert’s … not sure now. The second one was a contemporary photo that was in the Age newspaper after the intervention occurred, again I didn’t record the photo’s information. I really liked trying to draw the shadows on the faces of dark skinned peoples in the starkly contrasting light of the desert, quite a challenge that I’d never tried before. I was concerned at the time that the challenge would be to still retain the humanity of the characters despite there eyes not being visible … I didn’t want them to seem like cartoony zombies just because there eyes were obscured, I still find that a challenge even though I’ve had a lot more practice now.

Pages 28-32 – Dog & Inanna

15 Nov

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Next pages – 33-37

Who the f*&% was that crazy maze-face guy???
Why’d the Long Weekend suddenly slip back a few millenium?
Where the HELL is this going?????

What the hell is Inanna doing in a place like HELL?
The answers to all that and more – in the NEXT PAGES (just wait a couple of weeks while I put some ink on them … be patient PLEASE!!)

Can someone tell Nick from Alice that that’s his car I’ve drawn in there – Emily! (changed the roof rack a little), my little homage to all the adventures that Emily and I had together … before Nick bought her off me.

If people are interested in Inanna (she’s the god of war and sex … so I think that just about covers everyone) and want to check her history out a bit more I suggest you look up Diane Wolkstein. Inanna is also referred to as Ishtar, and is somewhat of an analogue of other gods from different cultures such as Diana/Artemis, Demeter, Venus/ Aphrodite, perhaps Shiva from Hindu mythology etc.

Pages 23-27

7 Nov

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more pages in a week or so

Next pages – 28-32

These pages were amongst the first that I did, hence they have a slightly different look about them, but I’m fond of this section because it plays out like a slightly surreal joke (as will be evidenced by the next pages that I stick up which will complete this section). In the essay this part was called “Dog“.

Unfortunately for the format of this blog the impact of the ‘reveal’ (comic-term) is a little nullified. In printed book format the turning of the page from the two cluttered 9-panel pages over to the page of Gilgamesh and Enkidu (the King of Iraq and his slightly animalistic super-dude mate who reminds me no-end of Hanuman) should be a major turning point in the history of surrealism … but alas I think it is a little lost here. Oh well, we’ll see when we get around to printing a copy or two.

More comics from the mongrel-town will be forthcoming in a few weeks … ooo can’t wait.

Pages 18-22

1 Nov

Previous pages
Pages 1-4
Pages 5-7
Pages 8-9
Pages 10-13
Pages 14-17

Next pages – Pages 23-27

Phew, finished all those pages. Must say that long-term comic-making is completely time consuming for those who don’t know what they’re in for (I’m one of them … but now I’ve gone too far to stop … have probably completed about 50 pages in the last 5 months, another 60-70 to go depending on what I end up doing with the ending (which is still a little amorphous … the only part that remains unclear). I may go on to do a process blog next for those interested in the idea of adapting an essay (prose) into comics … particularly one that was contained in an academic collection, I’m not sure how many other comics are out there like this one … I suspect that there might be more than just me.

Bernard Caleo forwarded me something by Kate Fielding with artists Elizabeth Fielding and the wonderful comicer Mandy Ord – called “Their hook find hold deep in our flesh” … it is an interesting combo of historical research, comics, images and collage which gives a beautiful mood to the piece. It was contained in Meanjin and made up a thesis involving a couple more people as well in the larger piece (which I have not seen).