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24 Sep

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These particular pages here were a little headache for me … all set the tone of the purpose of the narrator, translating this section into something that worked for comics without making it too text heavy (which would make it very different to the opening sequence which is much more emotive) was actually quite a trick. My solution was to create a very contemplative space with very little action, focused moments detailing Craig’s indecision, lack of understanding of how this concept might be applied, how it could be understood … what the hell is it. It’s quite wordy, but I figure, in the end that the entire concept behind this comic is kind of vague and tricky to grapple with anyway, so this kind of introduction needs to be there, despite the fact that it remains a little vague and tricky for both the narrator and the reader all the way to the end.

One Response to “Pages 5-7”

  1. Tom Singer September 30, 2011 at 10:09 am #

    well, sitting in America, where I helped imagine the contemporary application of this old concept of Jung’s, it is quite amazing to see how you are trying to “translate” and “visualize” Craig’s amazing story in the medium of cartooning. I can see how difficult it must be to translate a relatively “heavy” and “abstract” idea into a visually compelling narrative. I like how you have created a “meditative space” to introduce both the abstract idea and the living reality of that idea in the person of a lost, mourning woman without a future–and Craig’s wrestling with how to describe the reality of the idea as it literally lives in his own back yard and in his own psyche. It’s much easier to think an abstract idea when it doesn’t live in your own back yard and your own psyche and your own neighborhood. Congratulations on a very strong beginning of translating this story–I am sure it will only get harder as Craig’s amazing narrative unfolds.
    Best, Tom Singer

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