A more pizzazzy title

25 Nov

Someone recently said to me that she thought I should change the name of the Long Weekend in Alice Springs to something a little more pizzazzy.

We could work-shop some suggestions such as

  • The Jungian Psychologist and the Infinite Sadness
  • The Complex Case (Get it??!!!)
  • How to write an academic article that’s not bloody boring
  • The Dark Night Returns
  • Watch Men and Women
  • Craig San Roque vs the World

She also recommended that I stick some scantily clad woman with large breasts on the front cover … which would sell in the hundreds of thousands … by the time the teenage boys got home and took the plastic off and opened it they would be incredibly disappointed , but with the law of retail returns in action – most of them couldn’t be bothered returning to the shop to get their money back and I WOULD HAVE MADE A KILLING.

There is a bit of nudity at one part … the Inanna part … perhaps i should just maximise that section … there is also a bit of male nudity at a similar part … I could market it both to those attracted to busty women and to those who’re attracted to fit lean young men (Adonis) … I think that might have covered a large proportion of the market … What do you think?

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