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Here’s a book

5 Apr

To buy the book – got to


2 Apr

Some recent media stuff

Bernard Caleo reviews The Long Weekend graphic novel on the Smartarts program on Triple R

Also – an Arts hub interview relating to Josh’s work at the MONA FOMA in January 2013.


The post of gratitude

17 Nov
“Last Drinks!!”
Sorry to harass you on this fine weeknight … but I’ve made this comic … it took a while … and I’m trying to flog it to unsuspecting citizens of the web such as your good self. It’s called THE LONG WEEKEND IN ALICE SPRINGS.
Preorders through the POZIBLE campaign will wind up on December 12th!
If you don’t preorder then I can’t guarantee that you’ll get a copy later on in the piece SO ACT TODAY!!
It’s only $30 for those lucky-ducks who live in Australia (postage included), there’s also some other options up for grabs if you’d like a little more stuff!!
Books will go out in the post March 2013!! Included in the book is a beautiful new piece of writing by Craig San Roque which is … quite frankly – poetry! 
If you’d like further updates into the future (photos of the book being made, book launches, related exhibitions etc) 
– then feel free to join this facebook page.

Below is a page I did as an early trial when I was still working out what kind of structure I wanted the pages to have (i.e. panel structure), I was also trying out a few fonts at the time, I reckon I must’ve worked on the script after I did this because I have scrapped all of the words that were here … I just unearthed it in my computer today … I think this must have been from late 2009 or early 2010.

An update on the Long Weekend preorder drive

10 Nov


Pozible Campaign for The Long Weekend

19 Oct

So ladies and gentlemen – for those of you who haven’t heard about this yet – the time has come for me to ask you all for a helping hand. Together we might just be able to pull off a GREAT ENDEAVOUR!!

This project isn’t really going to make any cash for me, I’ll be lucky if it covers the costs – I’m just grateful to you all for helping it see the light of day!!
This is a quick reminder that people can still preorder the comic for the next two or so months, those who haven’t gotten around to it can still do so. Every book that’s PRE-ordered means I can print a couple more as well which will give the project some longevity !!

Media – for those interested
* Here’s an article about the project from Alice Online by Dave Richards.
* On Monday the 22nd October Josh will be on Alice Springs ABC radio at (local time) 10:25 to talk with Nadine Maloney about the graphic novel – tune in!

We can … get this comic … PUBLISHED!!
YAY for Australian literary comics with Aussie content!!

“HOW can this be DONE???”
I hear you ask

This can be done with the help of our wonderful TEAM!
*Craig San Roque – will be writing a brand new piece for the book – entitled Milonga!!
*Nadine Kessler – will be making this into a beautiful book by weaving her book design magic on it!
*Me – Josh ! will be frantically drawing the cover and the final pages of artworks
*You and all your friends – will be checking out the POZIBLE site and choosing some great rewards which will go on to support the printing costs!
*Printing people – will be happily printing the comic and sending them to the comic dispensing centre (my house)
*Me – Josh! Will then be frantically sending them onto all of you who supported the printing of it!

If you’d like to support the project – please go HERE and sign up, we need your postal address to send you your rewards for supporting the project (no junk mail I promise).

We need to raise $$$$+ for the costs printing. The more preorders – the more books I can print!!

If you don’t have a credit card or don’t want to put your details into the web then just contact me at disco_jeans@yahoo.com.au and we can work something out.
If you haven’t got any money you can still help out by posting the Long Weekend Pozible page up on your facebook or Twitter accounts – that would be really great.

Updates about the campaign regularly at the facebook page and at Tweetrrr

IN OTHER NEWS – All of November 2012 I have an exhibition of comics in experimental layouts at the wonderful Artist Run Initiative in Hobart – INFLIGHT!! 100 Goulburn St, Wed-Sat 1-5pm. You can read all about it here.

Pages 110-115 – the final pages in the story

18 Oct

previous pages – 106-109
Or – go to the beginning

The end

Currently running a preorder campaign for the book (Available March 2013) – get your copy HERE at the POZIBLE site.
If you’re in Australia choose the $30 package – this includes postage.
More information on the book – you can read about at that site also!

Incidentally – here’s a brief article about the comic at Alice Online.

The Long Weekend – PREORDER the book for March 2013

7 Oct

GO HERE TO THE POZIBLE SITE and preorder the comic to help me get a print-run.

This is a big call-out to all those interested in the project of the Long Weekend comic. I’ve heard enough people say that they’d love to see this comic in the flesh so they can truly digest it all in one long sitting rather than in the bits that I’ve doled it out on this website – now’s your chance!! I’m asking for your help over the months of October to December, hopefully we can raise some cash so I can get a print-run of about 300-400 copies of the book.

I’ve been slaving away on this comic for a few years now … it’s an adaptation of a psychological essay written about a Jungian concept called the Cultural Complex. The comic is about different cultures in Central Australia, it’s about all of Australia … it’s about all cultures … it’s about the cultural mind of the group. It’s both sad and funny, horrifying and witty … and it’s almost ready to be turned into a BOOK !!

I’m really hoping it’ll be a beautiful book and it’d be great to have your help to be able to do that !!

You can read the bits of the comic on the website (http://www.joshuasantospiritoart.com), where I have been slowly putting it up page by page as they’re completed. The final book will have extra pages and notes and book design by Nadine Kessler (http://www.nadinekessler.com). The final copy of the book will also have a brand new piece of writing by Craig to go with the comic. I reckon he’s a smashing writer and a unique voice in Australian writing!

A brief history of the comic’s existence so far (written in the third person)
* 2006 – Josh Santospirito reads Craig’s essay: The Long Weekend in Alice Springs whilst working in Indigenous communities in Central Australia as a mental health nurse. * Josh likes what he reads.
* 2008 – He starts drawing parts of the Long Weekend in comic form … he decides that this is a very cathartic exercise to help digest the seeming chaos around him.
* 2009 – He shows Craig San Roque. * Craig likes what he reads.
* 2010 – Josh begins pencilling over 100 pages of a more complete adaptation of the comic
* 2011 – He commences inking of those pages and showing people on his website. * People like what they read.
* 2012 – He will COMPLETE the comic by November 2012, have the book designed by Nadine.
… he will ask for help to print around 500 copies !!! * So that even more people will like what they read.
* 2013 – January / February printing. March -send y’all copies. *and y’all like what y’all read.

SO that’s it – I want you ALL to be a part of this project, making this comic into a printed version (as well as a proper-like E-book). If you don’t have a credit card or hate punching your numbers into the interwebs but you still want to support the project – get in touch at disco_jeans@yahoo.com.au and we can try to work something out. Anyone who hasn’t got the dosh CAN STILL HELP by linking to this on your social media of choice!

Thanks a bunch guys!!

For tonnes of updates and information (as well as the entire comic) go to my
Twitter | Website | Facebook

Pages 106-109 – the discussion

4 Oct

This is a big call-out to all those interested in the project of the Long Weekend in Alice Springs.

I’ve heard enough people say that they’d love to see this comic in the flesh so they can truly digest it all in one long sitting rather than in the bits that I’ve doled it out on this website – now’s your chance!! I’m asking for your help over the months of October to December, hopefully we can raise $1500 to help get a print-run of about 300-500 copies of the book.

To support the project GO HERE TO THE POZIBLE SITE and from Monday pledge some cash to help me get a print-run. If you pledge over $30 – then consider it to be a pre-order of the comic (if you live outside of Australia – add about $10 for postage).

To read previous pages of the comic go here
This week’s pages –

The last pages are coming tune in in a few weeks!

An intro to a graphic novel

10 Sep

This comic will be in the November exhibition Sleuth, at Inflight ARI in Hobart, and might end up being part of the book of The Long Weekend in Alice Springs itself come early next year.


Pages 102-105

12 Aug

previous pages 99-101
For the rest of the graphic novel go here

I’m quite fond of these pages … I’m a bit of a dag but I find them funny. I didn’t change much with the text in these sections. The cannibalism section is a little shocking in contrast to the rest of the comic which doesn’t have fantasy sections which are quite so full-on … but I think that’s a nice way to break the comic up a bit and refresh the reader throughout these long cadenzas of wordiness and concepts. I was worried that long periods of lecture-like talking might be a little grating so the jokes and munching were a necessity.