Pages 106-109 – the discussion

4 Oct

This is a big call-out to all those interested in the project of the Long Weekend in Alice Springs.

I’ve heard enough people say that they’d love to see this comic in the flesh so they can truly digest it all in one long sitting rather than in the bits that I’ve doled it out on this website – now’s your chance!! I’m asking for your help over the months of October to December, hopefully we can raise $1500 to help get a print-run of about 300-500 copies of the book.

To support the project GO HERE TO THE POZIBLE SITE and from Monday pledge some cash to help me get a print-run. If you pledge over $30 – then consider it to be a pre-order of the comic (if you live outside of Australia – add about $10 for postage).

To read previous pages of the comic go here
This week’s pages –

The last pages are coming tune in in a few weeks!

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