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Flying home

16 Oct

20Fly-homeFlying home

That’s the end of my sketchbook/quick comics from our trip to FNQ – hope you enjoyed them.
I’ll be quiet now …

no, wait … I won’t –
NEXT WEEK I’m IN SYDNEY FOR THE BOOKLAUNCH OF “The Long Weekend in Alice Springs”
at the MCA at 6pm – Pat Grant and Dr Anne Noonan will launch the book!

How Excitement!!

Here’s the poster – other events coming up TOO!!
web 2013 Nov-Oct Book tour

Recent media for the Long Weekend

8 Oct

Since publishing The Long Weekend in Alice Springs in March of this year – the first printrun sold out … quite quickly … I admit that I was a little stunned by how quick it happened. I felt a little silly for having only printed 500 copies … but then I thought, well why do I feel silly – how could I have known??!! It’s now in its second printrun and the book is now in over 20 bookstores across Australia, which is great!!

You can also snaffle your copy from Sankessto Publications for $35-

There is also an upcoming booktour in Sydney, Hobart and Adelaide – check out the poster for details.

web 2013 Nov-Oct Book tour

Recent Media reviews and spots
Charlie Ward’s blog review – a really beautiful and considered review.
Australian Newspaper Review Magazine – a massive spotlight!!
Readings Boostore – review – great endorsement from a great bookshop!
ComicOz review – a fellow psych-nurse and comic enthusiast.
Review from the Alice Springs News – Incredibly beautiful writing on the book.
Framed Magazine interview – Interview with Josh from late 2012
Alice Online article – Another Central Australian perspective
Podcast from the Comic Spot – interview with Josh Santospirito, good fun!
Facebook page

Writings by Craig

2 Sep

I have been asked by numerous people about further writings by Craig San Roque. They are not easy to find, but they can indeed be found. The majority of his writings are in volumes that can be bought from the States. I really recommend you get them in front of your eyeballs and into your brains so I tried to compile some of them here for ya – SO

Here’s a list (not exhaustive) of books that contain articles, essays etc by Craig San Roque

An article in the book Landmarks – entitled Coming to Terms With Country.
Psyche and the City has a corker called Sydney/Purgatorio.
Academic pieces can be found also – here’s one with Dr Leon Petchkovksy.
Growing up in Central Australia – this book has a great article by Craig about his Alice Springs backyard and the way people move around it – really interesting!
Placing Psyche – Edited by Craig and others.
A Long Weekend in Alice Springs was originally contained in The Cultural Complex: contemporary Jungian perspectives on Psyche and Society.
The essay of The Long Weekend was adapted into a comic by me, Joshua Santospirito, and can be found at SanKessto Publications, in this volume he wrote a beautiful piece that went into the book called A Book of Sand, the name of which was taken from the book of the same name “The Book of Sand” by Jorge Louis Borges.
Here’s an article about Petrol Sniffing and psychic pain.
An article/interview with Craig in the Alice News.

psyche_and_the_cityLandmarksplacing_psychecultural complexThe Long Weekend in Alice Springsuntitled

Printrun #2 and a few new REVIEWS

6 Jul

Well well well … I had 500 copies of The Long Weekend printed in March of this year … my initial thoughts was, well that should keep me going for about 2 years or so, its such an obscure book that it’ll be a slow-burner at best.

But then I sold out in 2 months.

Which took me somewhat by surprise … a GOOD surprise … but a surprise nonetheless.

So I have now printed 1000 copies for the second print-run, again at a Hobart-based printer (gotta keep printing skills in the local neighbourhood, less and less books are being printed in our local community which is really sad). This time, it’ll be sent to some bookstores, rather than sell them just myself at booklaunches and whatnot so perhaps a different buncha people will get to the books, hope so!

Recent Media reviews and spots from June/July 2013
Australian Newspaper Review Magazine
Readings Boostore – review ComicOz review
Warp Magazine – Tasmania

Older Media stuff
A really beautifully written review at Alice Springs News
The Comic Spot interview
Framed Magazine
Alice Online article

Review in The Australian Newspaper

6 Jul

I woke up to this article this morning – it’s a picture of ME.
An amazing review of The Long Weekend written by Ronnie Scott in the Australian Review.

What a coup for San Kessto Publications!! (Is that a correct use of the word “coup”)

If you can’t be bothered buying The Australian – then just read the article HERE.

Melbourne booklaunch pics

2 Jun

Thursday night last week I flew like crazy from Hobart to Melbourne, jumped in a taxi with a funny driver to Readings where I met my parents, my brother, Bernard Caleo, Peter Foster and Sue and wolfed down a pizza at Trotters before running across the street to have a booklaunch – here’s Bernard in his white suit.

Here’s Bernard holding up a fine book that he is spruiking with all his mighty might

Here is an engaged and wrapt audience of book-devourers

And here is me, a touch nervous … but doing a better job than I did in Alice Springs.

Booklaunch in Melbourne – done!

Pics from the artist’s talk

20 May

On Saturday the 11th of May – Craig San Roque joined  Josh Santospirito for a bit of a chat with some interested people about things to do with the comic.

Interestingly enough – about 30 people showed up … which was pretty awesome. Here’s some photos by Nadine Kessler.








Review in Alice News

16 May

At this site you’ll find a thoughtful review from the Alice Springs News’ Kieran Finnane about the book The Long Weekend in Alice Springs.


Other media stuff that the book has collected on its journey can be seen at some of these places –

The Comic Spot interview

Framed Magazine

Alice Online article

Long Weekend Exhibition – May 10 to June 7

15 May

Some images from the exhibition that is currently in Alice Springs at Watch This Space gallery of the art from the graphic novel along with development sketches and earlier version of pages and other bits and bobs.

Exhibition dates – May 10 to June 7











A booklaunch and exhibition in Alice Springs

14 May

This event was a crazy success … in excess of 100 people attended and bought books and scurried around the artworks all evening!
Thanks so much to Watch This Space, Craig, Nadine and everyone who helped, big shout to Brendan and Naomi for lending us their house and car whilst they visited their family in Fiji – made life a lot easier having all of that! Thanks!! xo

There’s a booklaunch coming up in Melbourne too!! So if you live in that fine city – then perhaps you should turtle down to READINGS on the evening of THURSDAY THE 30th of May at 8pm!!! And join myself and Bernard Caleo for the Melbournian launchio!!

But – here’s some images of the Alice SPRONGS launch!

Here’s Craig doing a quick reading of the comic

Here’s an enraptured crowd

Here’s a couple of young scallywags checking out the Sleuth exhibit to the side of the main exhibition.

Here’s some people milling around … see? They’re milling.

The book in the below image is WHY they’re milling around.

Here’s the price-list of things to buy on the night