A booklaunch and exhibition in Alice Springs

14 May

This event was a crazy success … in excess of 100 people attended and bought books and scurried around the artworks all evening!
Thanks so much to Watch This Space, Craig, Nadine and everyone who helped, big shout to Brendan and Naomi for lending us their house and car whilst they visited their family in Fiji – made life a lot easier having all of that! Thanks!! xo

There’s a booklaunch coming up in Melbourne too!! So if you live in that fine city – then perhaps you should turtle down to READINGS on the evening of THURSDAY THE 30th of May at 8pm!!! And join myself and Bernard Caleo for the Melbournian launchio!!

But – here’s some images of the Alice SPRONGS launch!

Here’s Craig doing a quick reading of the comic

Here’s an enraptured crowd

Here’s a couple of young scallywags checking out the Sleuth exhibit to the side of the main exhibition.

Here’s some people milling around … see? They’re milling.

The book in the below image is WHY they’re milling around.

Here’s the price-list of things to buy on the night

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