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Blair McFarlane

23 Jan

Blair lives and works in Alice Springs – a local colour. He has worked for CAYLUS for a very long time and has been doing cartoons for a very very long timee. In May 2013, when I held the launch for The Long Weekend in Alice Springs – he came up to me with his sketchbook and showed me some responses to my work – the first one had me in hysterics … mainly because he nailed the experience of working out there so damn well … not certain who is going to get some of these cartoons … don’t care. The last one is about the local Alice Springs dreaming.

Blairius 01

Blairius 02

Blairius 03

Blairius 04

Writings by Craig

2 Sep

I have been asked by numerous people about further writings by Craig San Roque. They are not easy to find, but they can indeed be found. The majority of his writings are in volumes that can be bought from the States. I really recommend you get them in front of your eyeballs and into your brains so I tried to compile some of them here for ya – SO

Here’s a list (not exhaustive) of books that contain articles, essays etc by Craig San Roque

An article in the book Landmarks – entitled Coming to Terms With Country.
Psyche and the City has a corker called Sydney/Purgatorio.
Academic pieces can be found also – here’s one with Dr Leon Petchkovksy.
Growing up in Central Australia – this book has a great article by Craig about his Alice Springs backyard and the way people move around it – really interesting!
Placing Psyche – Edited by Craig and others.
A Long Weekend in Alice Springs was originally contained in The Cultural Complex: contemporary Jungian perspectives on Psyche and Society.
The essay of The Long Weekend was adapted into a comic by me, Joshua Santospirito, and can be found at SanKessto Publications, in this volume he wrote a beautiful piece that went into the book called A Book of Sand, the name of which was taken from the book of the same name “The Book of Sand” by Jorge Louis Borges.
Here’s an article about Petrol Sniffing and psychic pain.
An article/interview with Craig in the Alice News.

psyche_and_the_cityLandmarksplacing_psychecultural complexThe Long Weekend in Alice Springsuntitled