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Sleuth – The Waldheimerin

8 Feb










This comic was completed in March 2013 by Josh at Chugnut (comics weekend in Victoria). It was written with major assistance from Katsutoshi Osakabe and Nadine Kessler who helped with translations, I sneakily placed in some people I know, borrowed their stories somewhat and whatnot – thankyous therefore go to Jerome Santospirito, Andrew Harwood, Glen Ewers, Sarah Katz, Sophie Clear and anyone who looks after the Cradle Mountain National Park. This comic is part of the Sleuth series of comics, an investigation into the spirituality of modern Australia. I also stole something from TGH Strehlow.


Cradle Mountain Xmas

1 Jan

Here’s a comic from our trip with the German in-laws to Cradle Mountain in the North of Tasmanien last week. I have been to Cradle a few times but this was the first time I actually saw the mountain (i.e. it wasn’t covered in a blanket of cloud and fog and rain) … in fact, it was stunning … I think I can see now why it was made World Heritage Listed.


Lots of wombats, pademelons, Bennett’s wallabies, possums, we saw a potaroo (never seen one in the wild before) … and tonnes of skinks.