San Kessto Publications

20 Feb

Born in the burbs of Hobart Tasmania – San Kessto Publications is the new small publishing house run by Nadine Kessler and Joshua Santospirito. The logo made by Nadine is, of course, the wonderful Hills Hoist in the centre of our backyard, the centrepiece of all families with stories to tell! The name is a fun amalgamation of our two surnames, we initially came up with it as a name for our home made fruit-wine label. It seems to be the name we stick on everything now, we make a lot of things so it seems a natural progression to have it as the moniker for our literary and publishing venture as well.


The first major publication for San Kessto will be The Long Weekend in Alice Springs (available to buy from the San Kessto website from March 16) which was Josh’s major opus over recent years with the book design by Nadine. Future projects involving both comics and posters as well as graphic design booklets. Josh is in the present moment in the early stages of curating a collection of likely Tassie-based comic-artists to produce a series of small comics called Down There, with the first issue available in the second half of 2013. Some of the projects sound freaking unreal so you should stay tuned!

Click on the logo to have a look at our books/zines/posters at the new website –

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