Comics journalism

5 Nov

I have read Joe Sacco for some years … and left it at that … then someone suggested that my comic was a bit like his in order to characterise it for other people on the web. I was a little surprised, because I never thought of that before much. I had been dimly aware that The Long Weekend was perhaps in the vain of Non-Fiction, but comics journalism is a bit of a stretch, oh well … she was doing me a favour so I’m not being pedantic about it, BUT – it did make me suddenly VERY interested in the world of non-fiction comics and all the cross-over areas that it entails so I started snuffling around a bit to see what more there was out there … quite a bit more actually, and a fair bit to do with the Arab Spring, seems that comics and cartoons are having a new heyday with political activism which is kind of nice.

I have recently come across this website – THE CARTOON MOVEMENT, which not only has cartoons but also comics from all over. A few of the comics are a little annoying, but some are ama-aaazingly interesting, so in that sense, it’s just like a newspaper really.

As an aside – here’s an article about Edward Said which also talks about Joe Sacco’s Palestine. Said’s work on Orientalism has become a little more prominent again this year with Craig Thompson’s Habibi being released, which I haven’t had the chance to read, but would like to once my credit card has the chance to be used again.

On a different note – I saw Frank Miller’s newie on the shelf of the local bookshop – Holy Terror, I had read some brief reviews and heard some opinions about this slightly divisive piece of work and … it only makes me want to read it MORE!!! The artwork was, as usual, astoundingly great … the topic …. well, I’ve always read Miller as having his tongue in his cheek with regards political correctness so I do hope that’s the case … I’ll read it that way.

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