Paul Q from Ampilatwatja

4 Nov

A rough sketch for a now-defunct project involving Craig San Roque (the author of The Long Weekend in Alice Springs).

This is an image of Paul Quinliven who used to manage the Ampilatwatja Health Clinic in a community North East of Alice Springs … maybe about 300 km up the Sandover Highway. I only met him a handful of times during work up that way. He lost his position as the manager of the clinic and died not long afterwards trying to save a bloke who was swept off the rocks off the coast of NSW in strong seas. This picture was loosely based on the photo of him that was in the papers when his body was lost. It washed up some days later.

If you’re interested in Craig’s writing you can scrounge around here for a few good ‘uns –

Jung Down Under
Aboriginal Paintings
Review of Landmarks

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