Her Majesty’s Favourite poster

5 May

Her Majesty’s Royal Poster
Poster illustration – Christopher Downes
Design – Nadine Kessler Design


1 May

SWALLOWS Thankyou video from Joshua Santospirito on Vimeo.

Final hours – midday May 1

30 Apr

Preorders for the graphic novella SWALLOWS ends Friday May 1st at MIDDAY
– go to http://pozible.com/swallowscomic to support the project

Screen Shot 2015-04-30 at 11.03.36 pm

We’re doing well!

25 Apr

Screen Shot 2015-04-25 at 12.41.33 pm

Sound Klub 13

19 Apr



Drawing Swallows

14 Apr

Swallows part one – is a graphic novel by Joshua Santospirito.
in April – you can PREORDER A COPY at POZIBLE which will help Josh cover the costs of printing the book, which is comPLETEly rad of you.

I reckon – you might enjoy the book too! – you can find out more at pozible.com/swallowscomic

Book will be available from August 2015 from SAN KESSTO PUBLICATIONS!!

Music in the video –
Floaty drawing music is by The Necks
Hardcore drawing music is by Patana Beretta (electronics) and Joshua Santospirito (drums)

Swallows Pages 12-14

8 Apr


CROWD-FUNDING the Preorder NOW – Swallows Part One is a comic that will be published in August of 2015.

These are the pages 12-14 of it, set in Melbourne at the turn of last century. Previous pages can be read on the SWALLOWS page. I’ll chuck up the next pages in a week or so. The preorder campaign runs for the entirety of APRIL, which will help me out greatly with the money to print the books.







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