Life drawing sketches

22 Jul

This year I’ve been enjoying doing more life drawing. 

Long Weekend short film

7 Jul

This 16 minutes short-film was made from the performance that was commissioned by Brian Ritchie for MONA FOMA 2016 in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia. The live version, just like this film version, was narrated by Craig San Roque with music by Joshua Santospirito, with visuals projected onto the big screen at the Odeon Theatre and then repeated again at Cinemona in the Museum of Old and New Art (MONA) in January, 2016.

The art and story in this film is extracted from the award-winning graphic novel of the same name, which can be purchased from The Long Weekend is the cult favourite graphic novel, adapted from an original 2004 essay that explores the Jungian concept of the cultural complex; an idea about group behaviour that was left largely unexplored until very recently in the academic world.

Neil Gaiman – “this Australian graphic novel is the best thing I’ve been handed to read in ages”

The Australian Review – “… one of the oddest and most rewarding Australian comics that has yet appeared”

Joshua’s website is at –

Sound recording for the film are by Matt Warren

Aeolian Exhibition

4 Jul

I was asked by the great people involved with the Aeolian Hall in Carlton to be part of the interviews for this lovely documentary that is part of the Aeolian Exhibition which is at the Immigration Museum currently. It turned out quite well! I’m the last one interviewed of the seven people that were chosen to represent the descendants of those from the seven Aeolian islands. I mention the making of Swallows.

This week the exhibition of artwork from Swallows Part One went up, my graphic novel about my Aeolian ancestors – it’s running from July to October as an addendum to the Aeolian exhibition at the Immigration Museum in Melbourne. I’ll be heading over there for an artists talk on Saturday August the 6th at 2pm. Stay toon’d.

Leonie Brialey & Joshua Santospirito talk comics (with tea)

1 Jul

In 2016 Josh ran the third annual Her Majesty’s Favourite Really Great Graphical Festival and had super special guests Eleri Harris and Mandy Ord interview each other at the final event. It was an impressive conversation and Josh decided he wanted to see more artists interviewing artists. Leonie also visited Tasmania as part of the festival, having a solo show of her comics and one image of hers of Kunanyi (Mt Wellington) that was made into a billboard in Hobart. Josh asked Leonie if she’d be interested in talking comics with him – she said SURE!

We talked for about 40 minutes (sadly my phone camera passed out at the 25 minute mark) and it was a great chat. Leonie is a wonderful artist and you should all get to know her work really well. I wrote some stuff about her earlier this year HERE. Hopefully her finished book “Raw Feels” is published one day – in my opinion, it is a TOTAL gem. I asked Leonie at one point about the Kunanyi image, which you can see below. Leonie drew it when she first came to Hobart, and was sitting on the MONA ferry looking at the mountain. She was forced to stop drawing the image because the ferry went around a corner and she could no longer see Mt Wellington: a chance creation of an extraordinarily minimal and perfect image.

Leonie’s website
Josh’s website


Things that we referred to if you’d like to read more
* Tom Hart’s wonderful book “Rosalie Lightning”
* John Porcellino
* Mandy Ord
* Julie Doucet
* You can read more about Sarah Firth’s image (below) at this link –“The Neurotic”

Immigration Museum exhibition of “Swallows”

28 Jun

For the next four months art from my little graphic novella “Swallows Part One” will be up at the Immigration Museum in Melbourne, which is totally rad because it is just down the street from the place where my grandfather used to have his flower stand (which is featured in the book)! Very excited. I’ll be at the Museum on Saturday August the 6th at 2pm to give a talk about the making of Swallows and some other works.

Dates: July 1 to October 31
Where: Immigration Museum Foyer, 400 Flinders St, Melbourne


Raft Gallery Hobart

23 Jun

I did a comic reading at Raft Gallery in Hobart during Dark MOFO. This preceded a round table discussion on the concept of Home. It was a great afternoon! Wonderful discussion organised by Stella Gray of Raft, and MC’d by Firas Massouh.

I wanna be a travella 2016

13 Jun

When Pippa and I went travelling to the USA just recently I had a great time! Went to Florida to visit my friends Tom Hart and Leela Corman at the Sequential Artists Workshop; went to NYC to meet Art Spiegelman and Françoise Mouly. All sort of things. AND – I made a travel journal which I have now turned into a comic-zine which you can buy if you like.

Go to San Kessto Publications and snaffle a copy. It’s cheap.