Sound Klub 15

30 Mar


Saturday April 14 at 6pm with sounds from 6:15, $5 donation 

SK15 - web version poster

Set-times subject to change 

6:15pm – Joshua Santospirito & Sara Wright

Experimental dance/sound collaboration two Hobart based artists. This should prove very very interesting. 

Listen to Josh’s at 


7pm  – Trommel Inc. 

Trommel Inc. is a troupe of Hobart-based drummers dedicated to performing percussive experiments, planned, improvised or somewhere in between. This will be their debut.


7:45pm – Maria Moles and Adam Haliwell (Melbourne) 

Extraordinary Noise & Drums duo invoking incredible sound & music Improvisations. We were lucky enough to have Maria and Adam at a previous Sound Club episode. Maria also performed a solo percussion show at the Odeon during MOFO 2018.


SK is curated by Matt Warren and Joshua Santospirito. 

It was started in 2009 by Matt Warren and Scot Cotterell and is a shifting collective of artists and musicians interested in live sound, experimental music and audio-visual performance. Based in Hobart, Tasmania SK produces small-scale, sometimes themed events presenting the work of local, national and international artists.

Poster art – by Matt Warren, Lettering by Joshua Santospirito. 

Free postage til Xmas

29 Nov

Woop !

I’ve been on big art-adventchas lately, it’s been grand.
But i’m back home now and it’s super nice to be back in my own bed after 5 weeks.

It’s almost the end of the year: it’s always surprising when it sneaks up on me like that. Not sure what you’ve been up to this year, but looking back I reckon the thing that I’ve spent most of this year trying to get better at is being a good friend to the people that mean a lot to me. I’m often away with the fairies in my own head reading books and writing and sometimes forget to tell my peeps that I love them. I’ll probably keep trying to get better at that next year too.

I’m grateful you’ve all been interested in stuff I do. I always hope that people find it interesting. Secretly (shh) I think I make comics because I’m not great at starting conversations the normal way … so I’m always super glad when people talk to me about ideas in my comics. It may not be the most efficient way to start a conversation … but I’m glad it works! 🙂

Xmas pressies
Hey … I just had an idea … perhaps you should get onto Christmas presents right now. By which … I mean you should buy my books and comics for your friends and family. San Kessto publications has free shipping til Christmas on both my graphic novels ->>>>>>>>

3578104b-a8ba-4036-8f20-4b83e409ffc2   3be2f2ce-547c-4dff-a761-40d51686fc25

* Swallows Part One (a tale of immigration and family) – $15 (FREE postage)

* The Long Weekend in Alice Springs (has turned out to be a cult hit over the last four years) – $29 (FREE postage)

* I wanna be a travella: Sri Lanka (a nice little travel comic/sketchbook from my trip there) $5 + postage

But now that my overly forthright sales pitches are all done
– I’d like to say that 2017 has been smashing for me and I hope that it’s been pretty damn smashing for you too. Whether it has or not – I hope that 2018 will be a WONDERFUL an super creative year for you all.

Follow Your Shadow

10 Oct


13th Oct – 5th Nov

An exhibition of comic, cast and cartoon art at the Rosny Barn.
With artists – Scott Baxter, Alyssa Bernudez, Grace Garton, Paula Hatton, Joshua Santospirito, Paul Peart-Smith, Vivien Mason and Sarah-Jane Moore.

Opening – Thursday the 12th Oct, 5:30pm.
FREE, All welcome.

Artist talks – Saturday the 14th Oct, 2pm.
FREE, all welcome.

Student drawing competition – 13th Oct – 5th Nov.
FREE, students 18 and under.

Follow Your Shadow moves between surface and source. Curated by Dr Sarah Jane Moore, Tasmanian artists Scott Baxter, Alyssa Bermudez, Grace Garton, Paula Hatton, Joshua Santospirito, Paul Peart-Smith, Vivien Mason and Sarah Jane Moore collaborate to create a magical place of mystery, animation, exaggeration and intuition. The shadows we cast are explored through object, sound and space where cartoon meets comic, graphics meet sculpture and holograms meet playful projections. From Marvel to Minions, comic and cartoon art is all around us and is increasingly being recognised as an art form with both high artistic value and the power to communicate diverse stories. Join us and follow your shadow.

October News

5 Oct
Hiya !

Upcomings and Goings
* 13th Oct -> 5th Nov HOBART *
I’ll have some art as part of a group exhibition of comic-art at the Rosny Barn in Hobart named Follow Your Shadow (see the image at the bottom). Opening part is from 5:30pm Friday October the 12th. I’ll also do an artist talk with some of the other artists on Saturday the 14th of October at 2pm, All welcome. Kid-friendly.

* Oct -> Nov INDONESIA *
Me and my tribe of graphic novelists will be in Jogjakarta for the second biannual Comics Art Workshop. Whilst we are in Indonesia we will be doing TWO DIFFERENT Read To Me comics reading events:
1) At Ubud Writers and Readers Festival in Bali (if that pesky volcano doesn’t blow it’s top), and
2) At Biennale Jogja, in Jogjakarta, Java.

Whilst I am in Indonesia I’ll also be manning the @Sawtoothers Instagram account if you want to follow and see all the great art things that catch my eye. Sawtooth is wonderful artist run gallery based in Launceston in Tasmania’s North.

* 16th November, Thursday -> MELBOURNE *
Talk (see the above promo image) – I’ll be in Melbourne to give a low-key talk about Sydney/Purgatorio at Squishface Studios in Brunswick at 8pm after their drawing class.

I feel like I should tell you a bit about my graphic novel project … but not too much, cos it’s going to take me a very long time to complete and if I talk about it too much you will be sick of it by the time it comes out … in maybe the year 2023 or whenever. This is the project that I’m taking to the Comic Art Workshop to get feedback on.

Comics take a long time … they truly do. And this one is more complex than any one I’ve ever done before. Craig San Roque wrote in “prose form” back in 2010, and it is a published piece in an academic journal. After I launched The Long Weekend in Alice Springs in 2013 I said to Craig “Hey Craig, if you have any short bits of writing, flick them my way and I’ll see if I think they’ll make a good comic”

Craig sends me a piece of writing which is about THREE TIMES AS LONG as the original version of The Long Weekend in Alice Springs …. honestly … what didn’t he understand about the word “short”??

I read it … hated it.

I quite was relieved “Great – won’t waste years working on that super long piece of garbage! … A few months after that I got a bit drunk at home after the Carlton Blues lost badly to someone (2013 was yet another lost year) … and reread Sydney/Purgatorio and realised that it was indeed quite brilliant. DAMNIT Craig!!!

I might tell you a bit more about it in about in another email in a few months time so I don’t take up all your day, the art on this page are from concept sketches I’ve been doing alongside the drafting work that I’ve been doing on it.  You can look at these process images on my Instagram if you like.

Thing to buy if you enjoy buying things
Graphic Novels
The Long Weekend in Alice Springs
Swallows Part One
I wanna be a travella: Sri Lanka (a nice little travel comic/sketchbook from my trip there)



Comic writing

15 Sep


Comic Art Workshop Crowdfunder!

11 Aug
How are ya?

I’m good … work’s perhaps a bit dull, but I’ve been slaving away on this wonderful big project at home. It’s a graphic novel called Sydney/Purgatorio … I’ll tell you about it in another post in a few months but FIRST

I have to mention this Crowd Funding thing that I’m involved with
The campaign is LIVE NOW!!! And only up for about three weeks – so have a look now and jump on those sweet rewards!

>>>> Context??? 
In October-November: I’m off to Jogjakarta for the second biannual Comic Art Workshop to work with a bunch of incredibly intelligent and handsome graphic novelists (they really are actually quite hot … who’d’ve thought!!!) from five different countries to help each other make our graphic novels better! BUT the Comic Art Workshop didn’t get all the funding it needed to run … and we’re hoping to raise a few funds to get this wonderful thing off the ground. Jump on the crowdfunding page to check out what if you’d like to get some of the SWEET REWARDS. There are some truly wonderful wonderful artists involved with CAW, and the rewards are actually some of the finest rewards I’ve seen on a crowd-funder.

My special reward to two generous lucky-ducks is, that I shall render their love letters to their dearest lover into an exquisite illuminated manuscript. LOVE WINS!

Other things coming up
Whilst we are in Indonesia for the Comic Art Workshop – we will all make a side-trip to Bali for the Ubud Writers and Readers Festival! to perform and present some of our comic works at a Read To Me event, part of the program.

Things to purchase if you want to purchase a thing
You can always buy my graphic novels
The Long Weekend in Alice Springs
Swallows Part One (as well as at bookstores across Australia)
* I Wanna Be A Travella in Sri Lanka; a full colour travel journal book of my recent trip to Sri Lanka.

Reading Recommendation of the month
Keeping it Australian in focus – Mandy Ord’s Sensitive Creatures, published by Allen & Unwin.
She is the sweetheart of the Aussie comics scene … with all her heart (and farts).

Architecture Sydney/Purgatorio

7 Aug

Images taken from development art for the graphic novel Sydney/Purgatorio

Concept art

27 Jul

Tonight’s concept art for Sydney/Purgatorio, a graphic novel that I am working on slowly with Craig San Roque about migration, trauma, psychotherapy and architecture.20294249_873271999489825_8018507873753240722_n.jpg


27 Jun


Life is fairly distracting. I have an old habit of packing short-term projects in like sardines which usually stops me from working on the slowburn long-term projects that I truly love. I’ve been trying to stop this habit for a couple of years and I’m starting to get better at saying no. HOWEVER

Recently I was asked by Brian Ritchie to perform my guitar-stuff at the VIP launch of MONA’s new exhibition The Museum of Everything as part of Dark Mofo in Hobart. I haven’t played much in recent years … because comics … and I honestly didn’t think it was going to be a particularly interesting gig but it turned out that I loved playing in the wide expanses of the resonant cavernous underground areas of that crazy museum. Totally cranked the noise! Had a ball.

FUTURE THINGS that you may be intrigued by (or deeply suspicious of) 
July 15, Saturday – Read To Me, a comic-reading event at The Comic Con-Versation at Ashfield Library in Sydney. Read To Me will become a regular bimonthly event in Sydney, so jump on their website and get on their email list. It’s going to be a great way to get your storytelling fix from visiting and local artists.

Should be currently working on ...
Sydney/Purgatorio, a monolithic graphic novel that I shall be working on forever with Craig San Roque. It’s about migration, hope, psychotherapy, cities and architecture. See the angel artwork at the top but also you can look at these process images on Instagram.

Things to purchase if you want to purchase a thing
You can always buy my graphic novels
The Long Weekend in Alice Springs
Swallows Part One (as well as at bookstores across Australia)
* I Wanna Be A Travella in Sri Lanka; a full colour travel journal book of my recent trip to Sri Lanka.

Reading Recommendation
I recently read Emil Ferris’s debut graphic novel My Favourite Thing is Monsters which is super intense, messily written, problematic and TOTALLY BRILLIANT. Read it!!

Mona – The Museum of Everything opening, Dark Mofo 2017

31 May

I’ve been asked to play my weird guitar music at the VIP launch of The Museum of Everything, the new major exhibition that MONA is putting on. VIP Launch, for those lucky enough to be invited, is on Saturday the 10th at 10am, the public opening is from midday, there will be LOADS of great music acts throughout the museum, and of course Dark MOFO is on with Mogwai playing in town that night!


Very excited as I haven’t performed much music due to working like a slave on graphic novel work over the last couple of years. The only guitar playing I’ve gotten in lately is the live performances of The Long Weekend in Alice Springs at the Something Somewhere Film Festival in Alice Springs.