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The Long Weekend Pages 96-98

4 Jul

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So the first page here took me ages … as in, it didn’t take me long to do – I just procrastinated for ages on it … because I was sort of dreading the work that it would require in terms of research. It turned out quite nice I reckon. The themes are starting to get a little Chatwin-ish here with the Songlines criss-crossing the planet.

From September to December I’ll be starting a campaign to see if I can get this project funded for printing. I have asked the wonderful Nadine Kessler to assist by doing the book design. Pay attention to this FACEBOOK page for update … or if you’re not a facebooker then come back to this website during that time and you can find links to the campaign here – you’ll be able to make a pre-order on the book then!

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28 May

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This is the last chapter of the Long Weekend, a graphic rendering of an essay of a friend of mine.

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The third page here is from a great film that my wife did whilst she was working for the Centre for Appropriate Technology (CAT) in Alice Springs. She was on a trip with Sonia, who also worked there and three ladies who were from out East of the Plenty Highway (google-map it) towards the Queensland border … I think they went somewhere out past Bonya or something, not sure. But in the video they went lizard hunting. From the car Nadine filmed the ladies when they told them to stop the car, one of them had an iconically large bottom and watching the video I immediately thought of how great it might look as a comic when she bent down to pick up a stick and whacked the side of a tree, and magically this large Perentie lizard just flops off the tree … and fahnee!!!

The Tingari lines I used in this last page here flow onto the next few pages, Craig suggested that I look into them early on. The Geoffrey Bardon book from Papunya Tula is full of Tingari paintings from the Western Desert that I delved into, and have grown very fond of, despite feeling completely lost in their meanings. Back in the second chapter – Saturday – I have a page where I explain what each of the symbols represents and how they are functional elements in storytelling.

Rachel Napaltjarri Jurra is a real Walpiri woman, though I have drawn her differently to real life … but then I’ve done that for all the characters … including Craig (I forgot what he looked like for a while).