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Live Moonah recording

25 May

This is a live recording from Drive West Today performing his Acousmatic Ecology series in Moonah in early May 2012.

Later in the year DWT will be touring Acousmatic Ecology the mainland of Australia – look out Canberra, Sydney, Newcastle and Brisbane.

The Sleuth Exhibition – process diary #2 – late May

24 May

See process diary #1

So things appear to be cracking along … well slowly.

I have two major projects on the go with lots of other things slowly coming to boil that I have to check on every now and then.

Sleuth is starting to take shape in sort of the manner that I had anticipated – each of the stories that I had plotted out I strategically left as vague as possible so that when I came to each one I could take it and mould it to the space that I had available on the wall. Of course this is sort of much the same as making a story that fits 28 pages or so and then plotting it out etc. I have already made one story that is far too long and my only solution is to reduce the size of the images so that it fits into something across the wall that works amongst the others. The risk with having some stories that take too long to read is that the viewers won’t want to read too many before they move on … this may be an unrealistic fear, it is difficult to capture people’s attention for too long in galleries … but of course comics may be somewhat different in this respect, I don’t know what other comicers’ experience is with respect to this. Perhaps people do hang around for longer.

I have managed about 6 comics so far. As I have been completing each of the comics I have been sticking them up on the walls of my study so that I get a sense of the way they might be read across the walls. There are already a few different sizes of panels and some without panels at all. I have also decided to have what I call a BANG panel – that is a very large panel at the beginning which sets the scene by way of introduction or by having a huge image to start with then having the following panels much smaller attached to the image, hopefully drawing the viewers into each of the stories. I haven’t got digital versions of these examples yet to give you a sense but perhaps later.

I told you about my intention to write really quick comics and to draw them in such a way that they don’t take too long so as to produce more comics. So far I’ve managed to stick to that concept, I have found it to be a very interesting way to write comics. I have insisted on keeping the process very improvised, even the scripts are somewhat dictated by the images, characters’ body language have changed the script in numerous places (because I wrote the words after having drawn the images, in one example I have drawn the entire comic before I knew what words would accompany it). There’s something extraordinarily satisfying in drawing comics quickly, especially after doing such a long-winded and hand-chiselled comic like the Long Weekend. It feels more organic, more exciting and more in-keeping with the way in which I make music.

Enjoying it so far, November here I come.

Moonah Arts Centre

4 May

Looking forward to playing some more of the Acousmatic Series of music at this event tomorrow night.
Thanks to Andrew Harper for organising this one in my home suburb!!

Pages 84-88

1 May

SO – again for those of you coming in late – this is my graphic novel, the pages are being posted up here slowly, as I complete the inking of each page. In good news – I have only about 20 or so pages until its completed … YAY!! Lately I’ve been a little distracted from this project due to another comics-related project Sleuth … but I’m still hopeful that I can do them both at the same time and have this done by about July of this year (2012)

If you want to read from the beginning of the Long Weekend then go here – First chapter – FRIDAY
Previous pages in this chapter (Saturday) – 73-75, 76-83 … then these are the last pages in chapter two – SATURDAY

And that’s the end of Saturday, the second chapter … next up is Chapter three … which is a much different setting … it’s the third day. Next pages go here.

When Craig first sent me a copy of this piece he didn’t realise that he’d sent me a draft copy from his computer … I started drawing it a year or two later just for fun and when I started trying to work out how to end Saturday … I just kept getting frustrated at how it didn’t work. I don’t remember why but I decided to buy the book that the essay was part of and I flicked through it one day only to discover bits taken out and this bit put in … and all of a sudden I was gripped … what a chilling way to end Saturday … it felt like the darkest moment of the story and a fitting point to launch into the lighter and more easy going Sunday. It also featured darkness again … which went well with my decision to put in the Inanna story at the end of Friday … the comic would therefore be punctuated by daylight and night throughout the three parts … which echoed the circular nature of time which I wanted.

It’s funny how when you’re adapting a piece the source material seems to provide everything you need … at least when you have as good a writer as Craig doing it you can say things like that.

Easter trip to the West of Tassie

19 Apr

Went on a trip to Queenstown and Strahan at Easter with a few friends and … well … I’ll let the comic tell the story, page 2 never got finished … and probably never will –

For other comics of mine go here!


23 Mar

Another character in my sketchbook at the moment … striding around the desert, taking three fingered jacks out of the soles of his feet and muttering into his beard.
He’s also part of my end of year exhibition … and he is a giant.


The Sleuth Exhibition – process diary #1

13 Mar

Warning – art-wank!
Please note: To ensure all wank does not go by unmissed – all French words are in italics .

This post is going to be part of a slowly growing process diary where I will talk about some of the strange discoveries I have made whilst working on Sleuth … which is an exhibition of comics where I will be sticking up comics all around a gallery room. It is a big personal experiment in how comics might be able to work. If you’re interested in this post, then you might be interested in other places where people write art-wanky content about comics such as Australian Pat Grant’s website (just google him), international places such as the Inkstuds (radio show and website), and other places.

For the most part I have decided to make comics that are quicker to write and make, which largely means that there will be drawings of characters without much background details, relying more heavily on the words to give context to the characters. This is mostly so that the interplay between the different comics is where the action is felt by the reader / viewer.

Back-story – For the past few years I have been slaving away on the Long Weekend, which is graphic novel (non fiction comic … is that still called “novel”?) which is long slog … and my heart’s desire was to churn out some comics that were far more intuitive and less thought through. I came up with a loose idea for criss-crossing comics on a wall and applied for a spot at an artist run space (Inflight ARI) in Hobart and got a slot for November 2012.

Even though I still had more of the Long Weekend to ink I haven’t had much left to do in the way of decision making, I had pencilled out most of the last chapter and made most of the grand decisions so it was down to the stage which I like to think of as meditation – just inking away over pencils that had been decided upon a while back. That doesn’t mean there’s nothing left to decide at all … au contraire – inking is still a very malleable process, lots of things get decided then too … just no where NEAR as much decisions need to be made as the earlier layout and pencilling stages (at least not the way I do things).

SO – my grand master plan was to make something super quick and dirty, making lots of mini-comics, but they wouldn’t be designed for the page, they’d be designed to spread across walls!!

“That’s not a big deal is it?”

WELL – it means a whole different bunch of considerations must be made! Which is when my creative interest is piqued! ( I have a fairly restless mind that needs to be engaged, or I get mssively bored … hence the need for a new challenge that is different to last overly ambitious thing I tackled).

The first thing I decided to do was to make a rough plan of the gallery space, and draw what it could look like … this is before I’d done any writing per se. I then decided on some generalised themes that rattle around my obssessive brain – mostly with a slight Jungian bent to them such as psyche and spirituality in modern Australia, Australian history, particularly that of explorers who die in the pursuit of glory (a ridiculous Australian pastime) … I decided to use these characters that I had invented in 2010 that I had in this comic that I called the Department of Conversation – Paul and Mary … and old retired couple, the baby-boomers, the grey nomads. I decided a comic involving a meandering conversation between them might make for a good “spine” for the whole artwork, something simple to get it all started. I’m quite fond of these two, they’re quite warm and funny in an old-couple kind of way.

I decided after that that I should make a lot of my decisions on the fly as it would give the whole piece a much more improvised feel, which would make it a process of discovery for me … I would discover the links between unrelated comics myself, perhaps I won’t even realise them until afterwards when other people point out links that they’ve made.

I recall a conversation I had with Bernard Caleo in 2011 about non sequitar arrangements (that’s Latin, not French), if you place things next to eachother and show it to people, their brains are hard-wired to search for the link themselves, they assume that since you’ve shown it to them then there is a reason, if you haven’t explained it to them then they will make up their own reason. HOW INTRIGUING!! That’s how comics work … or at least in part. You show people two images, they actively create the link between them panel to panel … but what about story to story?? That’s one of the things that I’m exploring myself. If I stick up a whole bunch of comics that intersect at certain points, then people will assume there’s a link, (otherwise why would I have put them all together) and then they will search for the meaning behind it all … provided I’ve kept if vague enough then unforseen meanings can spring into being within the reader / viewer’s mind!!

Drawings from The Barbarians – MOFO 2012

26 Jan

SO – I just finished being a part of the premiere season of the Barbarians as part of IHOS theatre – here’s lots of stuff that I drew whilst I was sitting around the set in the Hobart City Hall as part of MOFO 2012. I was in the Greek Chorus which didn’t involve much talking, but a lot of costume changes, the last of which  involved us ten blokes being draped in a necklace of offal and being squirted with genuine blood. I assure you that it was a very funny sight to see 10 grown men charging through the backstage area drenched in blood and only wearing their knickerbockers to get to one of the four the showers first. Bravo Constantine Koukias and bravo IHOS – it was tops! And well done to MONA for commissioning this very very very amazing production!

I made a zine of these drawings and others which I gave out to the cast, most people appeared to like it – so that was a success. As an aside, someone gave a copy to Amanda Palmer … hopefully she gives it to Neil Gaiman … who knows. Crazy!! We had sheep in the production … until they ran riot all over the set and placed their faeces and urine everywhere under our bare feet … This was the set they ruined … in city hall in Hobart. This is Ayrton and the donkey (who was far more professional than his sheepish counterparts). The soprano Grace Ovens who was great! The rappers in the show. 

The Myth of Inanna’s descent into the Underworld

10 Dec

Inanna was the Sumerian goddess of sex and war, this is an adaption of her myth that I made as an insert into The Long Weekend in Alice Springs, just to flesh out the connection between modern day events and mythology from the ancient world. You can read more about Inanna / Ishtar on a wonderfully informative website named Wikipedia, she’s fairly interesting.

I also intended to include this as a way of playing around with different layouts and seeing what works and what doesn’t for future reference, there are a couple of pages that are failures, but on the whole I enjoy looking at these pages, not least of all because there’s LOTS OF NUDITY!! Just joking.