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Swallows pages 9-11

2 Apr


CROWD-FUNDING the Preorder NOW – Swallows Part One is a comic that will be published in August of 2015.

These are the pages 9-11 of it, set in Melbourne at the turn of last century. Previous pages can be read on the SWALLOWS page. I’ll chuck up the next pages in a week or so. The preorder campaign runs for the entirety of APRIL, which will help me out greatly with the money to print the books.






Here’s some details of my current promotional tour


Polly Farmer

19 Nov

Polly Farmer was a footy player … in Australia. I recently finished inking a page in the Long Weekend with some footy on it … it was AWESOME FUN!! I’ve got one guy taking a mark over the back of a pack! Not quite a speccy, but he’s got a huge grin on his mug as he does it. You’ll all see it in a bit.