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Bluebagger Round #21 – Bryce Gibbs

15 Aug

Gibbsy is a bit of a gun, I, amongst many, would like to see him in the midfield one day … but in the meantime – Mr Utility it is!!!
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Bluebaggers 2012 – Round 20 – Brock McLean

6 Aug

He’s had a funny old time at Carlton but Brock McLean has made a real go of it … just stay away from Twitter mate.

2012 Premiers Round – Jarrad Waite (number 30)

3 Aug

I love this dude – he’s so damn athletic and he looks a little like a wolf roving around. He doesn’t really run so much as lope. And he’s such a good mark!!

AND – he’s played for the mighty Blues for 150 games!!!! This week against the mighty Swans at Etihad (where we haven’t had the best bunch of games, it must be said).
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(By the way – just ignore the bits in the picture that say Round 7 and The Saints … I drew this months ago and then found out that he was being rested, then injured … and then he didn’t come back until this round – … so he didn’t reach 150 until this week … I’ll fix it up after I get the score at the end of the game)

Bluebagger – Round #18 – Dennis Armfield

26 Jul

Carn’ the Blues – we play Richmond Tigers this Round!!!
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Bluebagger Heroes 2012 – Sam Rowe

19 Jul

Sam Rowe in on the Blues’ list, he’s a mature aged rookie, this was to be his first year. Most Carlton fans were looking forward to an exciting prospect up forward for the Blues – a key position player that we so badly need. But when Sam got diagnosed with testicular cancer I reckon that put life into a stark contrast. I watched Sam’s interview on the tv during the second game against Collingwood (where we beat them yet again) when they were raising awareness for the Peter MacAllum institute for cancer research – he’s a brave bloke.

Life can throw you some curly ones – So I drew this in his honour.

Bluebagger Round #17 – Duigan

18 Jul

Well … it’s been a strange week – we have no captain … I’m not even certain we have a vice captain these days.

But here’s a man with balls –

Round #15 – BLUES 2012 KROOOOOOOOzzzzER

11 Jul

Matty Kreuzer had a corker against the Pies last week and may be back in CRACKING form! Go The TRACTOR!!!!
This week against North Melbourne – I watched North playing against the Weagles down here in Hobart last week – and especially now that we’ve found our mojo against the arch-enemy Collingwood – I reckon we can take them!!!!!! CAAAARRNNNN THE BLUESSSS!!!

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Shaun HAMMER Hampson

5 Jul

Number #22 – Shaun Hampson had eye surgery in the off season – he’s been playing some absolute corkers despite the team having a form slump!

We play the Pies for the second time this season – GO BLUES!!!

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Carlton Blues, 100 Blue games – Chris Judd

26 Jun

I think that the strapping is also to help contain his monstrous desire for another premiership … maybe he’ll let the strapping come undone in the finals series and let the world feel his wrath!!! This week he has played 100 games for Carlton!! After having played 132 games for the West Coast Eagles, where he had a great career – being captain of their team, being a premiership captain, Norm Smith medallist, Brownlow medallist etc. At Carlton so far – he’s the captain … has been best and fairest three times (in a row), has a Brownlow medal … premiership cup here Juddy comes!

The Blues play the Hawks this week – they’ve got a Franklin-on-fire to contend with … but nothing that Jamison can’t deal with at fullback.

And here’s a pic I did in the finals series of 2011 … I imagine we’ll hear this phrase quite a bit come Brownlow Medal night. I was quite fond of this sketchy drawing … it was nice and raw.

2012 BLUES – Heath Scotland

14 Jun

Round #12 ol’ Scotto is the drawing of the week!!
He’s back from injury and in Perth to play the West Coast Eagles – who we’re going to take APART!!!!!