Comic Art Workshop Crowdfunder!

11 Aug
How are ya?

I’m good … work’s perhaps a bit dull, but I’ve been slaving away on this wonderful big project at home. It’s a graphic novel called Sydney/Purgatorio … I’ll tell you about it in another post in a few months but FIRST

I have to mention this Crowd Funding thing that I’m involved with
The campaign is LIVE NOW!!! And only up for about three weeks – so have a look now and jump on those sweet rewards!

>>>> Context??? 
In October-November: I’m off to Jogjakarta for the second biannual Comic Art Workshop to work with a bunch of incredibly intelligent and handsome graphic novelists (they really are actually quite hot … who’d’ve thought!!!) from five different countries to help each other make our graphic novels better! BUT the Comic Art Workshop didn’t get all the funding it needed to run … and we’re hoping to raise a few funds to get this wonderful thing off the ground. Jump on the crowdfunding page to check out what if you’d like to get some of the SWEET REWARDS. There are some truly wonderful wonderful artists involved with CAW, and the rewards are actually some of the finest rewards I’ve seen on a crowd-funder.

My special reward to two generous lucky-ducks is, that I shall render their love letters to their dearest lover into an exquisite illuminated manuscript. LOVE WINS!

Other things coming up
Whilst we are in Indonesia for the Comic Art Workshop – we will all make a side-trip to Bali for the Ubud Writers and Readers Festival! to perform and present some of our comic works at a Read To Me event, part of the program.

Things to purchase if you want to purchase a thing
You can always buy my graphic novels
The Long Weekend in Alice Springs
Swallows Part One (as well as at bookstores across Australia)
* I Wanna Be A Travella in Sri Lanka; a full colour travel journal book of my recent trip to Sri Lanka.

Reading Recommendation of the month
Keeping it Australian in focus – Mandy Ord’s Sensitive Creatures, published by Allen & Unwin.
She is the sweetheart of the Aussie comics scene … with all her heart (and farts).

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