Rock for Evie

10 Apr

I played last night at the Republic Bar in Hobart for the Rock For Evie gig. Peter Macpherson filmed the night – hence the video above!

here’s the write-up that organiser Amy Kerr did.

Elvie is a beautiful 3 year old girl from the north west coast. She has recently been diagnosed with a rare form of cancer, known as Wilms tumour. Elvie is currently receiving chemotherapy but will also have to have the 10 X 6cm tumour removed along with her right kidney. The costs of the family, which also includes another young daughter to fly back and forth between Melbourne and Tasmania, including accommodation, food and other travel expenses are expansive. Elvie will also require ongoing tests etc for the unforeseeable future. Any money raised will greatly benefit this wonderful family. Come along for a night of great Hobart music to support a great cause!



One Response to “Rock for Evie”

  1. comicoz April 12, 2016 at 2:51 am #

    This is SUCH a worthy cause. My wife’s cousin’s daughter lives in Lonnie, and has to fly to Melbourne as well. (She needs a kidney transplant like Evie, although she is older and has no tumour.) So, I feel for Evie’s family. Has she joined Kidney Kids? A good supportive network…
    It’s a sad old world at times…

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