7 Mar

It is March 2015 and I am currently finishing off pages for Part one of SWALLOWS, which is a graphic novel project that involves the overarching theme of migration, and how it shapes the human experience and who we are.
Part one of Swallows will be released in August 2015, and it will focus on my family history – in particular my grandfather migrating from a young age from the Aeolian Islands (North of Sicilia) to the city of Melbourne and, largely without a father, making a life for himself and his descendants.
I was thinking about his lived experience one night after drawing and “discovered” this melody in my thoughts and quickly recorded it. I think it will go on to be part of some multi-media adaptions of the graphic novel work that I plan on making closer to the time of release.

Preorder of the book will be happening during APRIL 2015 at

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