Sleuth: OMG

26 Dec

Sleuth: OMG from Joshua Santospirito on Vimeo.

Art, direction, music and written by Joshua Santospirito in 2014.

As a part of Joshua Santospirito’s ongoing multiformat “Sleuth” series, OMG was published in June 2014 in comic form in Island Magazine #137. It details further Santospirito’s obsession with identifying and naming the pre-human archetypes of the Australian continent, in particular the one that haunts our darkest dreams and ensures we remain terrified of the vast interior.
But this archetype is no Jungian whimsy … this one means to do us all harm. From the darkest recesses of our psyche, OMG plans to use some form of crazy reverse colonisation to take over the planet and burn us all to a crisp.

The Sleuth series is an ongoing series of investigations into the modern Australian spirituality and psyche. Look out for further exhibitions and writings at Josh’s website.

Also, much thanks to Island Magazine.

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