Sound Klub 12

22 Sep



Oct 3, 2014 – SOUND KLUB 12

Noel Meek & Olivia Webb (NZ)
Sister0 (Tas, just returned from Austria)
The Hovering Waitresses (Tas)
The Grand Poobah
9pm, noises at 9:30pm

– Noel Meek & Olivia Webb –
Wellington-based sound artist, Noel Meek, has been working in experimental music for over 15 years. Meek’s current music project uses samplers to build drones out of acoustic and electric instruments using non-traditional tunings and notes pitch shifted by microtonal intervals to build ecstatic layers of overtones. His latest live works have been described as “apocalyptic.”

Artist and musician Olivia Webb reworks video of simple, natural environments to complement and build upon Meek’s soundscapes. Webb’s videos play with elemental themes, an obsession with weather patterns, and ideas of irrational symmetry. Images morph as the sound pulses creating one holistic/universal experience for the audience.

– Sister0 –
Nancy Mauro-Flude has…

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