Custom designed typeface for Museum

15 Aug

An interesting blog from Nadine

nkd blog

During my visit in Christchurch this typeface really stood out to me. It seemed to be an extremely versatile typeface, used in a clear uppercase version for signage, and can also occur more ornamental, for example for the use of cards. Looking closer, I discovered that there seemed to be more than one version of each characters (alternates), some more playful, others more clear. After doing some research I found out  that Jeremy Tankard Typography was commissioned to design a new typeface the art gallery in New Zealand. The design is based on the heritage of the Maori culture as well clearly showing keltic roots. The typeface is core to the new gallery and is used extensively for signage and communication material. The Aspect type family is the public release version of this typeface. Fantastic to see a typeface forming the heart of a Visual Identity and such a well considered…

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